Sibling Rivalry is not just for Siblings.

I am sitting at my desk…Actually my kitchen table (my carpets were cleaned in my office today)…, and I find I have the worst case of summeritus ever.  I am working on a small fitness post for moms.  You know the usual get up and do it and 5 ways to cram it into your busy day, and I stop dead in my tracks and think bullshit.

I have about 5 posts stuck in my head, yet I have this overwhelming urge to see my kids, get ice cream, and chill.  My kids are at Pitt Basketball Camp, so you can be sure that they are not thinking about me.  I don’t care.  I am thinking about them.

I am pretty sure that it has more to do with my eavesdropping this morning on the boys’ conversation to meet up for lunch at camp even though they are in different units.  They went on to reminisce about last year at Pitt B-Ball Camp when my younger son joined my older son’s team for lunch and they were leading cheers at the table.  Just hearing this made my heart ache with love and pride.

Notice earlier I said that I was eavesdropping.  This is important because my boys would never have this convo knowing that someone was listening.  It would be totally bad for their rep.  Around the house, they have to keep the sibling rivalry going HARD. How else would BB wrangle me into some time alone swimming and Whole Foods for a snickerdoodle?

If it were not for the sibling contest, JB would be unable to rally for a morning of Sportscenter in my bed.

As an only child, I was concerned about loving 2 kids the same amount.  I now know that I can love each boy with my entire heart in very different ways.  Their personalities so unique, I embrace each one for who he is and how he individually drives me crazy.

As a unit, the two of them drive me BATTY, and they know it.  They work it, use it, manipulate it to their favor.  Just when I think – I have had enough of this – Those 2 little buggers hit me with a moment like this morning.  I sneak a glimpse of them loving and adoring one another, not screaming over the remote or the XBox, blocking each other’s shots on the backyard hoop  or complaining about the drums.

I mean – they were going to meet for lunch. OMG!  

So, as I sit here writing posts and outlining crap that I have to do this week, I really want to head on over to PITT and sneak my head into lunch.  I am not going to, but I want to.

I am reminded of my latest dilemma:  Eighteen Months ago, I had 0 businesses.  Now, I have TWO.  I cannot believe what has happened over the past year at this blog. Love it.  In the meantime, the braduct is finally at a pivotal point, close to submitting for provisional patent, and all about finished.  Just like my sons, the 2 compete for my attention at times.

As soon as I direct my focus to one, the other tries to grab it back.  It is the push/pull of life – seen so often in many facets, but this feels epic but it is between my other babies, my businesses.  My businesses also are so unique and each contain aspects that make me crazy.

I sign a client for the blog just as an email appears letting me know prototype gal is leaving to get a master’s degree. SHUTUP!  So, now prototype gal needs my attention. Will she stay on and freelance?  I need her, love her, etc.  In the meantime, I am banging away on the computer for the blog.

Can’t the two just meet for lunch?  In this case it is not possible.  Maybe that is why I have summeritus? Instead of focusing on reality, I would rather take a dog walk.  I am not going to, just want to do that instead.  I am seeking denial.  I am sitting here working out all the slots of my schedule making time for everything and everyone along with keeping a list of to-do’s.

Somewhere in the middle, there will be a peaceful moment, and the answers will make themselves clear.

My fingers are crossed. 


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