Father’s Day Picks (From My Husband)

I actually had the BEST Mother’s Day this year mainly due to my loving and caring husband.

How is that for putting it on thick?

…And if you did not know, Father’s Day is this Sunday.  Of course, I am going to aim to make it just as fabulous for HB as Mother’s Day was for me.  There will be time to bike ride, no nagging about all the ‘stuff’ that has to get done (ok, I am gonna try real hard), and of course, hamburgers on the grill (and pie).

About once a day, I get an email from Henry regarding a great topic for the blog. Usually it is a you tube video of something basketball related that would obviously be a great lesson for moms.There is also the occasional iPhone case for review.  The last one was made by the same manufacturer of guns.  I can see how my audience of mama hens would adore this.

Believe me, Henry is a fabulous arbiter of products for MEN, dads, and boys…they just usually do not transcribe to the Back’nGrooveMom. So, for one day only, I am going to showcase a few of Henry’s Picks for Father’s Day or any day for the men in your life.

Bluebeard’s Original Shaving Products are the ‘bomb’ according to HB.  Actually quite the intriguing story behind Bluebeard’s Original, which is run by a husband/wife duo in my hometown, Pittsburgh, and has no paragons or sulfates.  It actually is really fabulous and leaves HB’s beard feeling smooth and seductive.  Make the manly man in your life happy….Bluebeard’s is offering a discount code through Sunday (BBFathers).

HB is nuts for a burgundy polo shirt, especially one without a label/logo on it. Apparently, a burgundy polo is a staple according to HB.  For his birthday, my mom bought Henry a number of polo shirts, none of which were burgundy.  She has been on the hunt ever since, so I found this one by Boss.  Not cheap at Nordstrom’s, but I have washed and dried many of these Boss polos and they LAST.  Oh, the do come in a variety of other colors if burgundy is not your guy’s taste.

Ok, this one is a bit much, but Henry insists that if you are wanting to really wow the male cyclist…This is the way to go!  Probably wishful thinking on his part.  The Felt Breed, a single speed cyclocross bicycle, is all that and a bag of chips.  No guy would be embarrassed to ride around town on this except if they were huffing and puffing, that is.

Back to reality.  If your hubby loves his media as much as HB, then he swears by the Lacie Rikiki slim hard drive.  Perfect for movies, music, and yes – work stuff.  Slim enough to transport, yet not small enough to misplace.  HB being a BIG Amazon lover points out that this little sucker is available through Amazon Prime here and could be at your door in plenty of time before Sunday.

Last but not least, Henry’s most favorite suggestion is this: tickets to ANY sporting event like The NBA Finals (NOT).  It does not matter who is playing and what they are playing, but making memories over a sporting event is one of his most favorite outings.  HB suggests picking an event on StubHub and going for it.

Many thanks to the most wonderful DAD ever for his picks today.

Wishing you, Henry, and all the other DADS out there a marvelous and relaxing Father’s Day.  Just remember – Next Monday it is back to business as usual.

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  • Jenna Grimes June 16, 2012, 11:41 AM

    I think a bike will be a perfect gift for my husband. He likes cycling a lot. The other gifts are amazing too.


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