Website Problem? The Doctor Is In

My dad was in the advertising business and around the winter holidays, he was always stressed.  This was a very busy time of year for promotional products and giveaways, and when orders came in wrong, he got upset (to say the least).  I have such vivid memories of him spending hours on the LANDLINE phone fixing problems and troubleshooting.  I did not understand it back then.  I do now.

Being a writer, running a blog, and having virtual deadlines comes with its own set of headaches.  I like to call these headaches – plugins.  For those of you who do not know, a plugin is a set of software components that adds specific abilities to a larger software application. If supported, plug-ins enable customizing the functionality of an application (according to Wikipedia).  According to me, plugins are fun little doo-dads that are installed in the backend of my blog to enhance the experience and make it look pretty and shareable.  

Plugins are like little candies (to me)…you see one you like on another site and you download it to yours just like you run out to get m&m’s at the movies because the person next to you is eating them. Then, you get popcorn and milk duds and a Coke, and at some point you feel sick.  You also have to upgrade these plugins just as you would rotate the candy in the candy jar to keep it fresh.  Except, when you upgrade the plugins, they do not always mix and you get a virtual belly ache AND need a doctor (A.K.A. web expert).

Apparently, I woke up with an awful belly ache this morning because my plugins are not mixing well and my feed (the means by which my blog gets delivered to your inbox, reader, and social media sites) is DOWN and also going to probably ANNOY you like crazy over the next few days while we fix it.

I am sorry (in advance).

With a deadline and a media campaign creeping up for next week, I know exactly how my dad felt years ago…sick to my stomach.


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