A healthy dose of energy does an entrepreneur good

There I am sitting in a random Barnes and Noble working, drinking coffee, tweeting, and drinking some more coffee when it occurs to me – I am procrastinating. No! Not me! Procrastinating! 

It is a toss-up between the tweeting and the coffee drinking for which one is distracting me more.  At any rate, I am not doing what I came to do, which is prepping for a meeting.

First of all, I feel stranded in this suburban Barnes and Noble while the boys attend a half day basketball clinic way out here. Since it is their last week before overnight camp, I did not say no to this crazy arrangement.

In all my distraction, I realize I am sort of secretly happy that I allowed them to talk me into this plan, after all they are leaving for a month.  More ridiculous than the boys leaving for a month is how they are growing up so fast.  Cliche’ but oh so true.

One minute you are worried that they are wetting enough diapers and the next they are spouting things like ‘I am totally going to be an entrepreneur.’  Whoa!  Where did that come from? Right, both of their parents are freelancers independents entrepreneurs work at Starbucks using the free WIFI.

I don’t regret agreeing to this less than ideal arrangement this week because I needed a healthy dose of my kids’ enthusiasm.  What could be more energetic than hearing the words, ‘I am totally going to be an entrepreneur?’  As my Braduct CAD files sit in someone’s office for a production quote and my patent stuff lies in wait, I desperately NEED some unbridled passion and excitement.

I know where my kids get their drive.  It is from my husband and me.  We have a lot of it – at times, but it is very hard to sustain.  There are lulls in business, especially entrepeneurism.  Wide open spaces of time when business is moving at a snail’s pace.  Time periods where growth must be slow and well thought out.  Let’s not forget the waiting on others.  This is all inevitable, yet so difficult to maintain the positive juju.

As I write this, it occurs to me that I should rent out my kids.  Offer them up to the highest bidder who needs a littel encouragement.  Forget therapists or business coaches, rent my kids!  They will move you, propel you, keep you up to speed.

After all, in the car ride alone today, my one son invented a better version of the football pad/water device shown on Shark Tank (HydroMax info courtesy of Shark enthusiast @fannyseat) and my other son set upon finding a way for parking meters to refund the money that remains unspent when you return to your car early.  Neither of them has a prototype or even an inkling how to make their particular product yet they have a rough marketing outline and a fairly well-thought out ad campaign and six figures of profit already spent (apparently, they get their legal services gratis).

I know they are my kids and I have to think they are awesome and all that, but they just kinda are pretty fantastic.  They see the world and limitless opportunities of not only how they are going to DREAM BIG, but ACT BIG.  Just take one look at my basement and the custom LEGO minifigure factory set up.  What did you say?  You want a custom Batman?  No problem.  Coming right up.

The energy just oozes from my sons.  That is exactly what I needed this week, so the half day voyage to the suburbs that displaced us all was well worth the journey.  It is so incredibly easy to slip into feeling desperate, estranged from our project, or despondent as an entrepreneur.  Now I feel invigorated and have stopped checking my email for a response on something that is not going to be there for a while.

Most important, I am reminded of why I am entrepreneur in the first place to DREAM HUGE!

How do you reinvigorate yourself in your pursuits?

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  • Mary July 12, 2012, 1:17 PM

    My husband and I are freelancers and we have a daughter who sounds a lot like your kids. Always coming up with ideas. She and her best friend even have their own video channel where they post weekly short videos. Yes, they call it “Random and Hopeless,” but they have a blast. And while I work away in my office, it’s always nice to come out to the living room and see it transformed into a movie set. By the way, some people call procrastination “productive delay.” I use that a lot. Thanks for your post.

    • Rachel Blaufeld July 13, 2012, 11:44 AM

      productive delay is my new favorite expression – I am doing it now!

  • Haralee July 12, 2012, 9:49 PM

    Their Lemonade stand is their first business. Not all kids can do this, really. Great entrepreneurs!
    Reinvigorating myself is a great question. I try hard not to complain to non entrepreneurs because they don’t get it anyways!

    • Rachel Blaufeld July 13, 2012, 11:46 AM

      I can loan you the boys? for some inspiration or lemonade?


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