I am so h-app-y for filters and borders

I have new favorite addiction app thanks to my good friend, Anthony, over at Idea Mill. Although, Anthony feels confident that I could pick up a DSLR Camera and play around enough to learn how to take pictures on it, I tend to rely on iPhonagraphy. Who needs to carry around another camera when you got a great one right on your phone?  Shlepping my laptop and iPad and iPhone is enough shlepping for me, so I have become quite curious about editing my iPhone pics.

Anthony introduced me to Camera Plus Pro, a fab way to filter photos and add borders.  I am a little kooky for borders.  With CPP, every picture can look like a holiday card, and honestly nothing makes me more happy than that.  I am just exploring CPP, but so far, so good.  It is easy enough to use with gobs of filters and borders that are categorized and easy to try before making up my mind.

I admit, I am a huge fan of instagram, but sometimes I want to pretty up a photo without sharing right away, CPP lets me do that and I must resist every urge to work my way through all 1000+ pics currently on my iPhone.

I dowloaded CPP for $1.99, and honestly where else can you get hours of fun and smiles for $1.99?

Check out what I have been creating.

 I know – I may need a little more practice, but I am just so h-app-y!

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  • Haralee July 18, 2012, 9:16 PM

    Adorable pictures with groovy effects!


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