Newbie Alert: Spark and Hustle

In just 3 short weeks, Tory Johnson, GMA correspondent and champion of women in business is coming to Pittsburgh, PA! (My town, Pittsburgh, PA is hosting a high profile event!!)  To think that I will be sharing a stage with Tory and the remarkable energy that she brings to women everywhere is slightly daunting.  I will be speaking on the importance of engaging in networking and joining forces with other women while finding BBF’s – Business Best Friends.  The task sounds easy enough, but when you get right down to it…it is not that simple.

Although I know Spark and Hustle is a fabulous place to start and grow as a woman in business, I decided to ask, Debi Gilboa of Ask Doctor G, who is attending Spark and Hustle for the first time what she was MOST amped up for that day as a woman forging a new business:

In my 15 months of starting up my own small business, I’ve learned that saying yes leads to a lot more opportunities than saying no. So, when Rachel mentioned Spark and Hustle, I was excited by the glamour and I signed up. And I got on board (because if you’re gonna do something, why not jump in with both feet?!) and volunteered to be a Host. This meant I needed to explain to others, who might be a little less crazy more cautious, why this is such a great opportunity.

A lot of these conversations have led me to realize that I am grateful for this chance, and have a ton to gain myself. So when Rachel asked me to articulate why I’m looking forward to our August 9th Spark and Hustle, I realized I had this post in my head already!

The truth? There are two reasons I need the spark, and three for the hustle!

  1. Spark for my perseverance. You may have noticed that I have a tendency towards exuberance. Along with that, like many of you may also experience, I can lose steam and procrastinate my way through a week or a month of making no headway with my business. Just reading Tory Johnson’s encouragement on her site makes it clear that there will be lots of tips for pushing forward through the days when a new idea has not lit me up!
  2. Spark for my business relationships. My business, leading parenting and educational workshops, grows through people. I need to meet more people who are motivated to raise a generation of respectful, responsible and resilient kids to adulthood. The best contacts I make are women who are looking to connect – we love to help each other succeed!
  3. Hustle for my vision. Have you seen the speaker line up for this conference? These women took ideas and turned them into success! I want to think big and figure out how to get there. This is the place to be!
  4. Hustle for my marketing. Mad skills, people. That is what these speakers have. And what they’re willing to pass along.
  5. Hustle for my organization. I need to get organized in a way that works. Which means, for me, hearing what others have done to get themselves and their contacts and plans and social media and websites organized. This way I can try out different ideas and see what fits.

…And this is why I asked Debi to give her perspective because I already know what to expect from Spark and Hustle, and I know that Debi will certainly find her very own spark and hustle from her list on August 9th in Pittsburgh.

Don’t miss out on joining us – You can register here.

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  • Dr. G July 24, 2012, 12:58 PM

    Thanks so much for having me Rachel!

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