GNO: 5 city gals go Paddle Boarding

I finally went paddle boarding!  A few weeks ago, I wrote about the difficulty in keeping up with all my friends and missing out on a paddle boarding experience.  So, when another group of friends said they were going, I was definitely in (after some rescheduling).  I was not missing this time.  Apparently, paddle boarding has taken the women of Pittsburgh by storm.

Anyway, the paddle boarding was fun?, quite a workout, and the river was idyllic. There were five of us, we all stood up, laughed, and I barely made it back on the dock safely.  Any delusions that I had about doing yoga on my paddle board or anything more than standing up and clenching every part of my body for fear of falling in have been dismissed.

I drove the group to the remote dock (with no bathroom).  We joked about what we were wearing to paddle on the way out and were hysterical over the whole experience on the way home.  Some things happened, but seriously – what happens paddle boarding in Boston, PA stays in Boston, PA.

We rounded off the evening with wine, good food, and candy that I brought in the car (I am full-service).  There was chatter on the next GNO.  Someone mentioned white water rafting, I said no way – I won’t do it.  Of course, there was mention of a strip club, beach trip?, and maybe another paddle boarding run.  We settled on more wine and candy.  

What else do you need for a great GNO?



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