No, he doesn’t miss me while at camp

By now, you all know that I love Bunk1.  Not only do I love the actual service that Bunk1 provides, but I respect and admire the entrepreneur and team behind Bunk1.  I think Bunk1 likes me back.  We have a great working relationship and have shared some fabulous laughs this summer regarding the parodies of Bunk1.  You all know what I am talking about…the you tube snippets on refreshing, the blog posts while falling asleep with wine glass in hand and laptop falling off the bed, and the little game of where’s waldo when trying to pick out your ‘pinhead’ from a large group of other pinheads standing at the flagpole.

It is well-known, as parents, we analyze these photos (maybe a little more so for first time campers).  We look for smiles.  Not just smiles, but good smiles.  We scan for sweatshirts and rain coats on an overcast day.  We take a second look to make sure that they don’t look too sunburned.

Well, I am gonna tell you about Bunk1 first for me.  Something new on Bunk1 this summer for moi’.  Now, it is very good that my oldest son is at camp while I am writing this because he may disown me otherwise.  In an effort to maintain some privacy and dignity, I will keep my experience vague.

I log onto Bunk1 because I actually got a message from another parent that there was a cute photo of my younger son, and there actually was one.  However, I keep clicking ‘next’, and there it is… A picture of my older son with his arm around a girl.  Now I think the whole message was just a conspiracy to get me to go on and witness this.

My son, who used to makes exploding poops out of his diapers and I would wipe it.  My son, who only recently started eating vegetables without me making a deal with him. My first-born who cracked my tail bone in labor, drove me crazy with Dora and Diego, and at one point, had a Barney birthday cake is standing with a girl.

Now, believe me – I am not running out to choose save the date cards for the wedding, and I would not even refer to this said photo as ‘summer love’ but rather ‘summer like.’  I fully know that at this age, using the term ‘crush’ is probably even too much.  Could be a little crush-ette, or more than likely – a friend.  Regardless, there he is on Bunk1 with his arm around a girl which means he is not in his bunk writing his mom.

The cat is out of the bag.  He is having fun at camp and not missing me at all (Isn’t that what he should be doing?).

I am just happy that the majority of the photos are of him playing basketball.


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  • Haralee July 28, 2012, 5:55 PM

    Too Cute, hopefully said girl will have a name that you can find out just because you’re his Mom!


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