Patience: that was EASY. Not.

Yesterday, I was in a funk (I couldn’t even be funny on a some e card).  I started my day with the following question:  What is an 8 letter dirty word that starts with a P and ends with an E?  PATIENCE.

I despise the word patience let alone the action itselfBeing patient is not a talent of mine.  I give gifts early, ruin surprise parties, always take the brownies out of the oven before they are finished, and without fail, shmear freshly manicured nails.

As a mom, we learn fast that raising children requires patience.  We wait for first words and steps, ride out temper tantrums and sleepless nights, and (if you are anything like me) we learn that homework does not typically get finished when we want it done.  We find ourselves waiting more and more as kids get older.  Waiting for a letter from sleepover camp that never arrives, holding out to tuck our kids in because we are exhausted but they are at a sleepunder, and I expect the most brutal test of patience – waiting for teens to get home when either they or their friends have driver’s licenses.

As a runner, we slowly realize that 2,3,4,or 5 miles doesn’t come easily or right away. We must train and work towards a long term goal.  I suppose the same can be said for any distance sport – cycling, walking, swimming, and I go on forever.  In the middle of the Olympic games, we watch incredible athletes do the not-doable, and often, we think – I am going to try to do that in a sleepy moment.  UHHH – We forget how long these athletes have patiently practiced and practiced and prepared for this day.

We can apply those principles to the rest our life – the practicing and preparing that is…

Much of the same can be said for the product/inventing world.  If I had a buck (because that is the new nickel) for every time someone said to me –  ‘What’s up with the Braduct?’ – I would not even have to invent the damn thing.  I always answer with a simple – a (4 letter word) holding pattern.  I say very little because if I answered truthfully, I would just start screaming expletives.  I would start to explain how many parts of the puzzle there are – quotes to receive, tweaks to make, creative to finish, opinions to seek, bar codes to obtain, and patent pending forms to submit.  You would be bored – I would be maniacal.

WHY?  I want it done last week, last year, or at the very least, yesterday.

SO, you can imagine yesterday when I was in Staples (killing time with buying school supplies and a few home office essentials), and I received an email that the quotes are in and the tweaks have been iidentified…I went a little nuts.  Pretty sure, the sales person thought that I was having an out of body experience because I was jumping and fist pumping and saying ‘YES’ to myself.


That was easy.  Not.

I rushed back to my home office and got on the phone – let’s go! was the attitude.  Well, not so fast because I still have to do x, y, and z and probably a again.  BUT, the quotes are here, and a little patience panned out.

I know from chatting to many inventors and entrepreneurs that time and getting things right make the difference.  Tracy at Sassa B was prudent and wise which landed her products on Walgreens’ shelves, Becky at FannySeat keeps incorporating necessary feedback to rework her design – making is the best it can be – and I still recall the story told by the women who created Elf on the Shelf at Spark and Hustle in Atlanta.  No one believed in them, but they did.  How many of you hid elves this year? I mean  – I am dying for a Jewish Elf!

I still despise patience, but see the need for it.  A little bit of patience goes a long way, and with it, comes a better, stronger product or service.  Rushing never serves anyone well.

I am sure that I will smudge my nails tomorrow at my manicure, but I got the quotes and there is only so much that I can be patient about at once.

Disclaimer:  I do OWN an Easy button from Staples, and it is sometimes just what you need in the middle of your day – to hit it.  Get one yourself.  Put one on your desktop and benefit one my favorite non-profits – The Boys and Girls Club.

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  • Haralee August 2, 2012, 12:20 PM

    I feel your impatience! Even when it is all done then you are waiting what feels like decades for the final product to arrive and then you want everyone to stop what ever they are doing to launch “your” product!
    Have you got the ‘voice’ on the phone explaining to you the time frame like talking you away from the edge?

    • Rachel Blaufeld August 27, 2012, 10:48 AM

      I am sooo sick of waiting Haralee and it just seems endless!

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