Gone Fishing: A blogger’s break.

Well, not exactly fishing – fishing, but fishing for sanity and ideas and balance.  The last month has been a whirlwind of braduct-related waiting and meetings, Blogher, Spark and Hustle and a LUNCH date with Tory Johnson while staying up very late to check Bunk1 with the boys away at overnight camp.  Henry and I tried to get away, but his mom landed in the hospital, and let’s not forget that my mom moved at the beginning of the summer.  Somewhere in there, I wrote & wrote, hosted an event for T-Mobile, and still trained to run a 10K.

I am not perfect or amazing or anything even close to that. I just like to test my limits. See how far my bandwidth stretches so to speak.  I have hit its breaking point.  So, I am off to a week at the beach with my family.  Going to steal a little R&R, a lot of time with my precious sons and some moments with my hubby with our feet in the sand.

Talk about testing my bandwidth, I am telling Henry that on Sunday the boys are going to arrive home with 2 duffles each of dirty clothes and I am going to wash and fold AND then we are going to get straight out of DODGE!

I am going to sort-of unplug, drink coffee, rub my toes in the sand, play football on the beach, read and write little ideas on napkins.  When I come home, I need to get my boys ready for back-to-school and catch up on meetings and appointments that have been neglected.  I will be back in 2 weeks here with what I hope will be a fresh perspective, a net full of ideas, and a full recap of Spark and Hustle complete with pictures and goodness.

Ironically enough, someone asked me how much I work yesterday at S & H, and I answered honestly with all the time.  That is the curse of the home office.  Maybe I just pay more attention to the home office rules that I wrote here on Corp Net.

Henry’s words to me as yesterday concluded were this:  ‘Now it is time to take off with your family.’  I agreed.

OK – you are right!  I will probably be back before then because you all know that I will see or do something that I just cannot help but to share.  In the meantime, any outrageous-ness that must be immediately shared, I will post on Facebook (click on the word “Facebook” if we are not connected there yet) or Twitter.


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