What every mom needs for back to school

Technically, I am still on a writing break, but I seriously missed all of you.  Well that and the fact that the boys are driving me BATTY.   So, I decided it was better to hire a way cooler than me sitter and hit the local coffee place than keep asking the boys to finish their summer reading.

I am desperately craving the routine of school.  The air is a little cooler in the mornings and evenings, my cardigans have reappeared, and the backpacks and supplies are filling the dining room table.  Believe me – my dining room table serves many purposes – dining is not one of them (sorry Bubbie).

Last week when we were on vacation (and I wrote this instead of really being off), we enjoyed a FAB dinner with a party of TWENTY ONE people.  There were 10 adults and 11 kids, and without a doubt, all the moms were pretty damn excited for school to start.

The subject of this here blog came up along with my time at Blogher.  Mostly conversation centered around the Trojan Intimate Massagers (vibrators) that we, as bloggers, received for swag at the conference.

Come to think of it – this may be why the more Puritanical Bloggers at a gathering more recently shunned me and my travels to mainstream blogging conferences?!?!?

Listen here:  I am not a swag hound, and I could do without the toilet bowl cleaner and moist towelettes, but this is 2013 and Trojan is selling their new vibrators in drug stores (a brand new biz initiative for Trojan) and I’ll be damned if I don’t get my sample.


Anyway, I digress and time is money because I got a sitter on the clock.  Back to my quaint dinner for TWENTY ONE.  I told my mom friends that I was going to have a great back to school giveaway for moms only.  To which they asked, for what?  I answered:  The Trojan Intimate Massager.  (Which is apparently the polite way to refer to a vibrator.)  All ears perked up at this –

Isn’t that what every mom needs when her kids go back to school?  It was unanimous – YES!

Don’t get your panties in a bunch, just leave me a quick comment in the PINK comments section below – not the FB one – and let me know what the VERY first thing you plan to do after you drop the kids off at school is – keep it vague if need be….

One very, very lucky winner will be chosen randomly on Friday Aug, 31, 2012.

Happy Back to School!  RB




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  • Becky August 22, 2012, 8:34 PM

    OMG. I love you, always keeping it fun and real!

    So, once my daughter goes back to school, I am looking forward to having Panera as a treat every so often. It’s PC, but it’s a treat I haven’t had since having her in school. 🙂
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  • Sharon August 23, 2012, 4:54 PM

    Well, things are different in my house. My son (12) goes to traditional school. My daughter (16) she is in cyber school. So, technically even though she is going back to school; she is still sitting at home. Good thing, her very single mother has a bedroom door that locks. Wait, was that vague enough. HAHAHAHAHA!
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  • Beck August 24, 2012, 9:23 PM

    No kids to drop off at school … but like all women can use some stress relief! As a friend refers to vibrators as BOB (Battery Operated Boyfriend) & yes HE highly recommends them. Yes, I did say him because family obligations make it difficult for us to have any alone time (my Mom & his kids)! What the heck if Rachel can blog about vibrators … I certainly can share a comment! So I confess could use & so can others whether they care to share a comment or not!