Back to School: fill your notebooks.

School is finally here for many of our kids, and if not, coming very quickly for others.  I love the routine that ‘back to school’ brings.  The air is crisp, the crock pot reappears, and there is structure to the day once again.  Don’t get me wrong, the late nights and leisurely mornings of summer have been fun while they lasted.  It’s just – now they are over.

The most striking element that a new school year brings is a chance to redefine, carve out a new niche, find a different groove, and start anew for our kids.  Yeh, I know there are cliques that begin in kindergarten and the bullying and unfortunate name-calling that goes along with that, but I am speaking more about the freshness of new teacher/student interactions and brand-spanking new activities (like soccer which ‘we’ have not played in 5 years).

All over the country, kids and their parents are running out to get ‘supplies.‘  Walk into any CVS, Staples, grocery store, or just about any retail outlet, and you will run right smack into the notebooks, locker mirrors, and pencil cases.  There are designer supplies all the way to the no-frills variety that my boys enjoy.  It does not matter which ones you buy, consider the possibilities that a blank notebook holds.

As my sons and I filled their lockers last week in anticipation of school starting, the newness of the notebooks made me gasp.  No, not that way. 

Simply gasp at the abundance of possibilities there were to fill those pages of the notebook this year.  What goes on those pages (or doesn’t), is up to the boys.  They have different teachers and schedules than last year and the year before, and what they make of it is their’s to own.











As adults and grown women, we believe that the pages of the notebook are already slightly scripted.  I am here to say they are not.  Just because your degree says one thing or doesn’t say anything because you don’t have one, does NOT mean that you have to do just that.  You can be whatever, whoever you want to be … that is my 2 seconds of feminist, ’70’s encouragement.

But, since the name of this blog is Back’nGrooveMom, I will say this:  We can rock the groove!  What does that mean?  There are plenty of notebooks to fill in a lifetime, and just because you may have filled one or a few, start another!

My summer was filled with a ton of traveling adventures and meeting lots of new women.  I was honored when I was nominated for Top 25 mompreneur blogs.  Admired because I inspired at least one soul, but let me say this – I am so inspired by the women I met over the last few months, and I cannot wait to introduce you to them.

As a pretty little side note, in the honor of the first day of school, many moms told me that they are heading out for manicures, pedicures, facials or signing up for this giveaway.  Enjoy!

I just found this little beauty bonus from CVS in my inbox, and don’t mind if I do partake this week.  Feel free to grab it, too!

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    a trust fund baby 🙂


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