Here is to both of our Blogging Success!

When I first started this blog, it was more of a personal journey of my own experiences.   It was only when I casually realized I had a few more readers than just my mom that I decided to expand my platform and turn this blog into it’s own entity.  For me, Back’nGrooveMom became more than just a tiny business of its own, but a platform to speak to other moms out there who wanted to rebrand, try something new, or just flat-out needed to rediscover their own identity.

It has been a marvelous adventure so far.  One that has allowed me to speak at events (large and small), engage with brands appropriate for my niche, and meet celebrities (just a little icing on the cake).  Needless to say when I first started blogging, I really knew very little and wasted spent a good bit of my time learning the ropes.  I secretly wished for a cheat sheet.  I was extremely lucky to have a few solid mentors in my back pocket who helped me find my way.

I have developed my platform from the ‘school of hard knocks’ so to speak, but if you want to create your own blog – you now have a cheat sheet thanks to Holly Hanna of The Work at Home Woman.  Holly founded The Work at Home Woman after becoming a mom and wanting greater flexibility and to be at home.  Holly is what I would consider the foremost arbiter of all things work-at-home for women and a huge resource for moms everywhere after only 3 years of being in business.

Holly recently wrote an e-book called Blogging Success, and at only 47 pages long, it is a dream come true.  The book is full of valuable insight into building a blog from soup to nuts.  Whether you want to build a blogging empire (please do not expect an immediate windfall) or need to enhance your current business with an incredible blog, you can have the cheat sheet I wanted – LUCKY dog!  I know the information to be dead on because Holly was one of the mentors that I reached out to in my early days.

Blogging is extremely rewarding and fulfilling….but, does not immediately provide a huge income.  With Holy’s help, you (and me) can achieve greater success sooner and faster.  Truthfully, what I loved most about Holly’s book was the fact that she reached out to other successful bloggers and shared their stories.  This gave validity to what Holly was sharing and provided substance to all of the little nuggets of information.  One of my most favorite bloggers is in there, Nicole Feliciano of Mom Trends.  I recently heard Nicole speak at Spark and Hustle and she has built a whole brand from her blog, so to see her on those 47 pages indicated the high quality of the book.

If you have just a little or perhaps a lot of curiosity in the blogging world, you are only a quick read away from understanding much more…..Holly was kind enough to send me my very own copy (yet all these opinions are my own), and you can download a copy right here.

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