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Sometimes running naked can be awesome. Get your mind out of the gutter. I don’t mean that kind of naked. Just like almost everything else that we do, our workouts have become controlled by technology. Before I leave for a run, I need to select my playlist or station on pandora, set ‘map my run,’ make sure my phone is on silent or vibrate, and make sure that I am wearing a digital watch. I actually have also been considering the Garmin Forerunner 10 – sheesh, that may cover me [up].

As if it is not exhausting enough, harnessing ms. left and ms. right into my sports bra and bending over to tie my shoes, I have 10 minutes of tech prep before I even set foot out the door.

If you know me or are just getting to meet me, you probably have a sense that I believe exercise is crucial to the mental and physical well-being of any person, but for sake of this blog – especially crucial for harried, busied, over-extended moms. Not only does exercise provide us with physical benefits towards our overall health, but it is a chance to clear our minds and concentrate for a very short period of time on ourselves. This is why I love yoga. Although, I am bending and twisting in a room full of other people, my focus only permits me to concentrate on myself (otherwise, I will fall.  I have done it many times).

Around 5 months ago, I determined that I must expand my horizons with my fitness and incorporated running into my routine. With the help of my good friend, Vonda, I set out to train for a half-marathon. Well, at the moment – I am working towards at 10K at the end of this month with a half-marathon looming the background. Anyway, I have completely digressed from my naked run.

The last few weeks while fighting off a cold and my poor eating choices of the end of the summer, my runs have been challenging to say the least. Tack on to that all the technological prep, and all of a sudden, my motivation was waning.

This morning, I decided to just get out there and ‘do it’ with my phone off, without map my run, my music just on shuffle, and no watch. Essentially, I was naked except for my clothing and my new running shoes. It was super-invigorating to just run without listening to which mile I was at, how fast my pace was, and not knowing which song was coming next. It felt very ‘free’ excuse the pun.

Now, I am ready to get back to my training and looking forward to a teched out run over the weekend.

Moral of the story: Going Naked and Unplugging can be very free-ing in many areas of daily life 🙂

…And I think that I want to try this legging/skirt for running.  I do.

PHOTO credit:  Contender Skirt Capri by Athleta.


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  • Haralee September 7, 2012, 9:16 PM

    I understand the training aspect with the tech stuff, but I agree sometimes just out the door is great.
    I bike and I don’t listen to anything but the wind but I am afraid of the Prius running me down, they are so quiet!
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    • Rachel Blaufeld September 9, 2012, 7:44 PM

      I am afraid of all the people texting and driving – period.


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