It truly was a Great Race

Yesterday I ran my first 10K EVER.  A great distance to many and not so far to others, but a huge accomplishment for me.  I have never been a distance runner, and back in May, I teamed up with Dr. Vonda Wright and her running program to try it out.  After the 1 mile initial speedplay workout, I thought I may never move again.  I mention this because like any goal or challenge we set for ourselves, anything is possible with baby steps and perseverance.

Over the summer, I gradually worked myself up to 2 miles, 4 miles, and finally the BIG SIX.  Sometimes, I feel as though I have no business writing about fitness on my sort-of business, sort-of parenting blog, but as I mulled over the last few months overnight...I thought, damn straight, I do.  I have heard from many moms who either work out of the home or stay at home that they just cannot afford to take the precious time to exercise.

I say this – as moms, we simply cannot afford not to take the time.  Whether we work or not, have 1 kid or five, are married, divorced, or single, we are all women and as women, we need to protect our health.  Exercise is mandatory.

I digress, but I just wanted to give a little background to the story.  Basically, my work hours changed and I could not make my exercise classes as frequently, so I tried running.  I set a goal, and all be damned, if I was not going to meet it.  There you have it.

As I set up to run my very first 10K, I wanted to make it just a bit more meaningful.  I set up an indiegogo campaign to raise money to donate towards early mammograms for women in need in honor of my first BIG SIX.  I just about met my goal, and I am so appreciative to those who participated like my fellow blogger, Emily at Momminitup and my friends Julie, Molly, Nicole, and Marla along with many anonymous donors.

As yesterday approached, butterflies started to fly in my stomach and I just kept worrying that I was not going to finish.  Then, before I knew it … The starter pistol went off and the race started.  A race steeped in Pittsburgh History in memory of Mayor Richard Caliguiri, the mayor I grew up knowing as mine, and my very first 10K.

I was ripe with adrenaline and hustled right through mile one with lots of old and new friends cheering along the way.  Loved it.

Special Thanks to my friend, Jenny, who grabbed my wind breaker and did not tempt me with a manager’s special filled with vanilla cream as she stood outside Dunkin Donuts and waved.

Mile 2.5 brought a special surprise.  Henry and the Boys were waiting to cheer for me instead of going to Sunday Morning Basketball.  Believe me – this is unprecedented.

As mile 3 stretched on, I was beginning to A). think of a large coffee and B.) not mind the slight drizzle which had started.

Mile 4 and 5 delivered both a runner’s high and a chill from the driving rain.  I kept trucking.  I stayed steady throughout the race  – not worrying about the other 14,999 people in front and in back of me.  I kept my pace, and the finish line was in sight.

The boys were once again there to hug me and also eat the Eat ‘n Park cookies at the finish.

I was ecstatic with the fact that I finished along with my pace, all of your generous contributions to the campaign, the congratulatory texts, and the cafe au lait and french fries at Square Cafe following a shower.

I so appreciate all of you who have encouraged me with my training and have not run me over while I am running the streets of Pittsburgh.

Here is to many more 10 K’s and possibly something bigger on the horizon for me.  As for you, whether you walk, run, bike, spin, dance, aerobicize, hoop, work the barre, bend, twist, or strengthen….seriously, Just Do It.  I know Nike says it to get you to buy their stuff, but it really is true.  Just Do It.

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