Thou Shall Not Complain.

WOW – it is Monday afternoon and usually by now, I have updated this blog.  No such luck today as my main laptop is not feeling so well.  Over the weekend, my computer started making a strange and disconcerting noise (like an old-fashioned dial-up modem) while heating up so hot, I could not tolerate to keep it on my lap (and it is a laptop).

Anyway, as the very kind geniuses wrangled the machine from my paws stating that it must stay overnight with the Apple experts, I decided not to complain.  Usually, I would.  As the holiday season approaches, I tend to get ‘reflective,’ and reflecting on what makes me whine is at the top of the list this year.  Look – we all have stuff we need to work on, including me.

You know the little things like a malfunctioning coffee maker, stepping in dog poop, and being separated from my laptop for 24 hours, when my life is really so full.

To begin with, I have heat, food, shelter, clean water, fresh fruit and all the basics.  I have many extras….cable TV, a car, a career, kids, husband, friends, a new windbreaker, so I am basically saying ‘enough’ to myself.   What could I possibly need?  NADA.  Zip.  Nothing.

The smell of wet leaves, bonfires, and apple cider are representative of fall and with those smells, a sense of melancholy always overcomes me.  For some reason, I cannot escape fall without thinking – here comes winter and Thanksgiving and Christmas and Hanukkah and New Year’s.  I am reminded that not everyone has trees full of presents underneath or big, huge turkeys for Thanksgiving Dinners.

Many parents work 2 and 3 jobs during the holiday season to make ends meet.  I remember the nice mom I met at the end of Black Friday last year when we picked our kids up from the local gymnasium.  She worked all night and day at Target for the midnight madness sales, so she could start paying for gifts and holiday treats.  Her pride was overwhelming and encompassing because she had a job, a purpose, a way of contributing.

It was at that moment last year in which I was 100% at home with my decision to replace Hanukkah gifts with a  family vacation.  Although we were so fortunate to take the trip, it was the time together that I was after and not all the wrapping paper and trimmings.  So, today I stop myself from moaning (I have had a few small gripes lately), and I commit myself to ‘thinking before whining.’

Like a little message in a bottle, my scarves from FashionABLE arrived today at the exact moment which I was lamenting how to act over my missing computer.  (I am using another one obviously.  An older, outdated model that the kids use for homework and it is working just fine.)  The scarves represented more than just beautiful craftsmanship and warmth, but rather life and invigoration of the soul.

I learned of FashionABLE last week when a number of bloggers extraordinaire travelled to Ethiopia with ONE Moms to immerse themselves in the culture and lives of the moms abroad living in (lesser) different conditions, but we are all moms…..FashionABLE, one of the visits for the bloggers, is a nonprofit that gives women a chance to work and make scarves and then infuses the profits from the sales of the scarves back into providing jobs, aiding in pride and confidence among the Ethiopian Women.  Upon learning of the FashionABLE story, I immediately ordered two.  I wear scarves daily,  so this was a no-brainer.

Although, by no means  – enough.

My new scarves I will wear with overwhelming pride and admiration for the women who made them.

So, therefore, I shall not whine or complain or moan.



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  • Haralee October 16, 2012, 4:16 PM

    Good Advice! Perspective is so important!
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    • Rachel Blaufeld October 17, 2012, 8:24 AM

      so easy to lose perspective — I try very hard to not to do it…but every once in a while – it happens.

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