There is no golden piggy bank in inventing

Welcome to the land of golden piggy banks full of money for mom inventors.  

What do you mean there is no such place?  

Over the last 2 years, I have had the wonderful pleasure of getting to know many inventors, most of them women and moms, too.  I never will forget picking up the phone and blindly calling Leslie Haywood, founder of Grill Charms, and in my naiveté’ stated ‘Oh, I am gonna launch real soon.”

Guess what?  EIGHTEEN months later, I still have not launched.  Which is actually normal – especially with all that my beloved ‘braduct’ involves.

I was reminded of this yesterday when I had a conference call with an established inventor who needs help with the marketing/social media/blogging component of their biz (I got that part down at least).  The two of us discussed pretty much the same shit stuff that I discuss with other [mom] inventors.

When I reflect on all these conversations with other inventors, I come to realize inventing and launching a product takes the following THREE components in abundance:

Capital.  Money.  Moolah.

Time.  Patience.  Waiting.

Passion.  Perseverance.  Tenacity.

Often Money and Time go hand in hand because I know I certainly don’t own a golden piggy bank, so with every infusion of capital comes methodical investigation into what it should be spent on and how I should proceed.  Then, I make the necessary investment and need more time until the next step.

The Time factor also syncs up with Perseverance and Passion.  There will be setbacks and mistakes and things that you have to circle back on to correct and change which all adds up to Time.  Oh right, Time equals Money, and now the whole process had gone full circle and comes back to Capital.

Inventing is a cycle, sometimes vicious, invigorating most of the time, but a cycle nonetheless.

I come to find that even the most seasoned, passionate inventors always can use tips right along side newbies.  As my friend said yesterday, inventing something 10 years ago is so different from inventing today because our current world changes so rapidly.

The cycle may look the same, but the factors surrounding the process change.

We can’t leave money below, but we can certainly leave an inventing tip.

Go ahead – inspire others….




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  • Haralee October 17, 2012, 1:10 PM

    Inventing and start-ups are riddled with the points you mention and doubt. That is why your inspirational encouragement is so appreciated!
    Haralee recently posted..WelcomeMy Profile


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