Dog Days of My Life

So much is going on in my world.  There is the good, the bad. and the ugly.  

The good: Anxiously awaiting samples from manufacturer for product AND a new computer (birthday gift to me).  There is school soccer, basketball tryouts, and BINGO night!

The bad: My old computer is still not repaired, so I am currently in a less than ideal situation.  My mom is going to have another major operation next week (more on that at another time).

The ugly: The time to say goodbye to my dog of 14 years, Cassius, is approaching quickly.

An awful feeling has washed over me and zapped my creativity.  I can’t form a complete sentence without stumbling over myself and thinking about what lies ahead today, tomorrow or the end of the week with Cassius.

Henry keeps mentioning s story from about 10 years ago when we took a 4-year-old lab for his vet check-up with a 2-year-old in tow, and the vet casually mentioned that this was someday going to be a hard lesson in life.  Yep, it certainly is ringing true.

While our beagles are so cute and spoiled, Cassius the lab has always been the rock, the security blanket of recent times when we left the boys home for a bit alone, and the one with the deep chocolate eyes to confide in no matter what.  The angst is oozing from my pores, as I sit on nerves trying to come to a decision on what is morally right.

Dogs don’t ask for anything in return for their love and understanding.  They don’t expect legos and basketball socks when you return home from an extended trip.  They don’t care if you are not up for anything than laying in bed all day.  A bad day means more snuggles for them.  Dogs don’t recognize if you are wearing makeup or fancy shoes.  They love and adore you regardless of anything else other than you feed them on time.

For 14 years, Cassius listens with his head cocked to the side while I hash out social scenarios, family drama, and business plans of late.  He enables me to my very own problem solver.  With just a tilt of his keppy and his ears perked a little bit, I go on and on about various situations, and in the end – I typically find my very own answer.

Cassius also is a great ‘watcher of shooting hoops’ on a lazy day.  He can just chill and watch my sons make lay-up after lay-up in the yard and cheer them on with his tail wagging.  Not to mention, his swift ability to clean up a spilled popsicle.

I don’t really believe in all that cosmic crap, but for some reason, I am pretty sure that my laptop breaking is some sort of kismet sign for me to spend a little time with Cassius. ~RB







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