Chatting with Women Entrepreneurs on Mentorship & More: Holly Hanna

I am excited to share another standout woman in business today.  I am not even exactly sure when I became familiar with Holly Hanna and her site, The Work at Home Woman, but Holly has been a staple of my development as an entrepreneur myself.  Gentle, gracious, and patient are only as few of the ways I would describe Holly as she is definitely one-of-a-kind.  Hanna grew her vision The Work at Home Woman after becoming a mother to help other women, namely moms, realize their potential, and I am thrilled to share my recent conversation with Holly.

RB:  What did you do ‘with your life’ before your beautiful daughter was born? what was ‘your original plan’ for after she was born?

HH:  Before my daughter was born, I worked in various nursing roles; everything from a pediatric floor nurse, Medicaid prior authorization and utilization review to pharmaceutical research. During my pregnancy and last job as nurse, I knew that I would most likely want to stay-at-home with my daughter when she was born. So I saved the majority of my paycheck, creating a nice little nest egg for myself (of course I had the generous support of my husband too).

My original plan was not to work at all, but after nine months of play-dates and a swindling bank account, I felt the urge to make some money and exercise my mommy mush brain. Not wanting to put my daughter into daycare, I searched high and low for a legitimate work at home job. I bounced from site to site, sifting through information and scams only to come up empty-handed. It was at this time when I had my aha moment, “I need to create a one-stop-shop, where women can find all of the information they need to work at home” – hence, The Work at Home Woman was born.

RB:  How does what you do now differ from what you actually did?

HH:  Interestingly enough, I’ve always enjoyed writing, and would sometimes fantasize about writing the next best-selling comedic novel. But as you can tell from my formal education and training, nursing, marketing and online publishing seem worlds apart. But in the end their not all that different – I went into nursing to help people, and now I’m just helping people in a different way.

RB:  When did you have your a-ha moment and get the idea for The Work at Home Woman?  What was the first step you took?

HH:  My idea came from own my struggle to find a legitimate work at home job. Once I had the idea, I still needed a way to fund it. I started working part-time (at home) as a Social Media Manager for AWAI. While working for them, I did research and wrote content for The Work at Home Woman and 15 months later I was able to launch. I have now been an Online Publisher for 3+ years and I absolutely love it! It has given me freedom, flexibility and financial stability and the business that I had only dreamt of owning.

RB:  How has The Work at Home Woman evolved over time? Where do you see it going?

HH:  The Work at Home Woman started off as a blog, but has really evolved into an online magazine/business resource for women who work at home. When I first started off, it what just me writing, now I have a whole team of contributors and guest contributors which really adds a diversity that I would not be able to achieve on my own. I’ve also added an online forum, where women (and some men) can connect on a more personal level. My goal for The Work at Home Woman is to be women’s go-to resource for self employment and working at home.


RB:  I always find you so helpful and warm to other women in business… which is so refreshing… Do you make a point of doing that? Are you just like that?

HH:  Awww, thanks! My parents have alway taught me to treat others how I wish to be treated, so I live by that philosophy. While I do think it is important professionally to be helpful and warm, I’d say that the majority of it is just my natural personality.

RB:  Do you have a mentor yourself?

HH:  Yes, there are a couple of different ladies that I’ve used as mentors. Heather Allard from The Mogul Mom and Ali Brown. I think that anyone who is interested in taking their business to the next level, really needs to invest in themselves, either through coaching or enrichment products.

RB:  I hear a lot from other women that they struggle with finding a mentor…Tips to find a mentor???

HH:  To find a good mentor, you really need to define your goals and have a clear idea of what that specific person can bring to the table for you. Make sure to question them and yourself so that you have a good fit.

I think that can be true for mostly anything in life and especially business – you must have a clear idea of your goals!   Thanks so much to Holly….Visit Holly anytime at The Work at Home Woman. ~RB


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