Business Lessons from under – where?

I must apologize in advance for this post because I am completely caffeinated-out on Starbucks Peppermint Mocha (which ironically enough, I just said yesterday I was not going to start with just yet, but nonetheless I could not help myself).  Anyway, after a big cup of joe at home, a cup of coffee at my breakfast meeting, and a grande peppermint mocha, I may as well be typing this while floating on the ceiling).  Earlier in the week, I admitted to being in a slump.  As if you didn’t know that by my lack of posting and continual family crises, I just felt as though I openly wanted to write it.

Guess what?  It worked!  As if just taking responsibility in writing for my lackluster attitude, I woke up mid-week to the tides changing.  Alright, I did have to spend a good bit of that day in lulu’s recovering from a late GNO at Madonna, but I was renewed in some mysterious way (that did not involve as much caffeine as I have in me right now).

At the current moment, all roads of clarity lead back to 2 Facebook Updates.  One over on my Back’nGrooveMom Page:

The other on my personal page:

Please don’t be confused and this is not the Peppermint Mocha talking, but rather a fairly simple story of how my overly ambitious basket of ideas merged with my green panties flying through the air.

This morning, I dashed out the door to the Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship SOLD-OUT breakfast event featuring Laura Karet, CEO of Giant Eagle (which I like to think of as my local grocery store but is actually the #27 privately held company in the U.S.).  I was a few minutes late because as you know – we can’t do it all perfectly, so I was tied up with the boys and my wonderfully, helpful husband for a few extra minutes.  Anyway, as I hurried over to grab a quick cup of java before grabbing my front row seat (there are some advantages to showing up solo to events like a lone seat left in the front).

Imagine my surprise as grabbing coffee simultaneously with Laura Karet, someone who I have admired from afar and was about to hear speak, and she says to me “You were in front of me in yoga last night.”  Well, nothing more special to start your day than knowing the top female CEO in Pittsburgh saw YOUR green panties slingshot off of your towel (for those of you who wondered how this happens – static cling from dryer) in yoga.

Why, yes, I was in yoga in front of you last night, and sorry for the flying panties, and by the way – that’s me right there in the front row.  Never one to think in acronyms, I could only think one thing at the moment: OMG.

Regardless of what happened last night, a few minutes into Karet taking the podium, any memories of underwear faded quickly away.  Captivating a room full of women (and men) eager to hear the story behind Giant Eagle and how being at the helm of this incredible company came to be for her, Laura did not disappoint.   Armed not with a prepared speech, but rather a deep love for the history of her company and a strong vision for its future, Karet imparted one nugget after another.

Weaved throughout all of her stores, Karet kept returning to the concept of running a multi-faceted business with various outposts – i.e: Giant Eagle (itself), Market District, Getgo, Market Express to name a few – and, how each one came to be crucial to the overall brand.  In a relaxed yet confident manner, Laura talked about the values of her company and instilling them in the trial and error of making each one of these new platforms work.

Suddenly, I did not feel as though I had too many eggs up in the air, rather just where I should be – building the Back’nGrooveMom brand by trial and error, making it what it should be, siphoning out what should not be there, and moving forward.  Yesterday, I explored 2 new concepts and went to bed feeling like a real idiot for even considering them.  Now, my panties are not in such a bunch…literally and figuratively.

Immense thanks Laura Karet for taking time to encourage and captivate the women in business in Pittsburgh.  Now back to work on new and old ideas.

Oh – and to grab some anti-static cling dryer sheets at my local Giant Eagle.

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  • Haralee November 9, 2012, 12:41 PM

    Cool. Be sure to look around and see who else may be in your Yoga class!
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