Let’s Give Thanks for Holiday Cards, I think?

I am sitting at my desk and all of a sudden it dawns on me that today is Veteran’s Day (which is why no one who does not work at home is answering my emails) which means Thanksgiving is around the corner.  Actually it is NEXT WEEK!  Mostly because I am in the middle of planning for January and February, I think WOW, there is so much to be done before next Wednesday when everything ceases to exist as it normally does until next year.  That’s right, the whole world runs amuck.  We eat more, sleep less, and spend a ton.  Our hours become erratic and our heads become mush.

Well, I know that I need to begin on my thankfulness post and start to gather my thoughts on that, but more important, I have to make a holiday card.  For what is now the eleventh row in a year (since JB was one), I send a holiday photo card.  I try to send it some time between Hanukkah and Christmas, or if they overlap even better.  This year they do not.  Hanukkah starts on December 8th!!!!  Which means, I need to get my butt in gear FAST.

Now I am simply a bundle of nerves trying to reconcile how I will show my Thanksgiving gratitude while feeling the burning heat of the holiday card.  It is always an argument.  I have one idea in my head, Henry has another, and you can bet, the boys and dogs have opinions, too.  Then, there is my friend Traci.  You know the one who has a billion kids and a dog, and they all look fantastic her card?  They are smiling and neat and matching and loving each other and they all look so happy.

Every year, I wait for this exact card and then I don’t know why I was so anxious to feel bad about my messy looking boys and unruly dogs.  I envision the boys all suited up for a ski day with their arms around each other with the dogs sitting there looking like statues.  Instead, this year, I am thinking that a ridiculously fraternity-esque photo in hanes undershirts with the dogs acting up is what I am going to get.  At least, there is no keg in the photo.

When the boys were little, it was a bitter disagreement.  I wanted cute and cuddly and staged.  Henry wanted spontaneous, fun, and artsy.  Maybe I could take an old card of Traci’s and just cute out the faces and insert my kids like in Jib – Jab?

I think that I am simply going to focus on giving back this year and take what I can get…..

If you happen to live in Pittsburgh, I will be at Waterworks Theater on Black Friday selling passes (and collecting toys) for this fundraising event with my messy-looking but very giving and caring boys.  

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  • Haralee November 12, 2012, 5:52 PM

    You know in a few years you will think how young, how adorable how wonderful they all look no matter what you think now! Can a beagle take a bad picture?
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    • Rachel Blaufeld November 13, 2012, 2:23 PM

      so true Haralee, but hard to remember in the moment!


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