Thankful for photos: what I did all weekend

Only a few days have passed since I last wrote.  Not even a whole week, yet it feels like a month.  Since last week, there has been the day before Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving also known as Black Friday, my 20th high school reunion, one very busy Sunday cleaning out the toys we do not use anymore and cleaning up the ones we do, and Cyber Monday.  Whew –

Since there was just too much to write about, and I am cleaning up my office and thinking about some Cyber deals, I thought I would highlight the weekend in photos….



Buzz Lightyear was welcomed into a new home and family on Thanksgiving Day as the boys trusted his care to our baby cousin, Emma.  Yes, I did cry during Toy Story 3 and I did tear up again as the boys shared one of their most treasured toys just like Andy did in the end of the movie.  All good toys must continue to be played with and loved.



Black Friday Basketball Camp, and BB was finally old enough to join in the fun. Nothing cuter than your baby running up and down the court, and seeing my 2 boys on the same team (getting along).  Wonder if they miss Buzz?



Twenty years since high school graduation.  Hope everyone still recognizes me.



These toys had to just find a new home in our home.  LEGO minifigures found their way back into minfigure cases and finished Lego projects found their place on the shelves…



…So we could add some tunes to our drum playing.




Simply put: Being Home feels good.



Missing my family time already, but eager to tackle a few real world items before the next holiday.  Thankful for all of you –

How was your Weekend? What is first on the list now?


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