Bring on 2013: Finding Meaning and Conversation

Last year, I came to the revelation that my children really needed NOTHING.  They had and continue to have electronics and games and Legos and all of the things that they take for granted like heat, food, and clean water.  I am certain they are spoiled, which is why last year, I did not buy them one present for Hanukkah.  Don’t feel too bad for them.  They got money from their grandmas and gifts from aunts and uncles and cousins.  My oldest celebrates his birthday every December, and he is never disappointed with the gift cards he receives from his friends and family.  Like I said, they did not and continue to not need anything.

Rather than buy xbox games, I took my money and put it where my mouth was in 2011 and plan to do the same at the end of this year.  We went on a family trip.  A time to reconnect and unplug (sort of) and be together.  Just like I see the light at the end of the tunnel with my kids growing ever more independent each day, I also see visions of them choosing to hang with friends over me in the not too distant future.  That is why, I must reconcile what I love to do which is write online, chat on twitter, and engage on social media and take what is being given while it is still for the taking.  At the end of this week, we will get on a plane and leave our friends behind for some QT – just Henry, the boys and me.

Oh, for the first few days while we still have relatively inexpensive wifi, I am sure there will be instagramming and chatting, but I have a big, big purse to hold all the devices during meals and movies and swimming together.  Not to mention, we are heading on a pretty cool writing assignment to start the trip off.  From there, we will go somewhere more removed and the real fun will begin.

In the last week, many parents were shattered to learn that school is not always safe, my mom gained a little more independence and is back to living life a little bit more, and we finished kindling the Hanukkah Menorah, so I am ready to just kiss and smell my boys’ little keppies‘ (foreheads) for as long as they will let me.  I did not get that little bauble that I had my eye on either, and I am so fine with it.  Spending a few uninterrupted days with my sons is so worth it.


Happy Holidays to each and every one of you.  May the new year be the best ever, and I look forward to health, happiness, and success for all in 2013.

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