Blogging is the Cat’s Meow

I have been at my desk for the last two days straight. Yesterday, my ass was firmly planted in my desk chair ALL day.  Today I broke for spinning..shhh.  Banging away at the keyboard, catching up online, and outlining posts:  This is the life of a blogger.  Being a mommy blogger [ick], I hop online super early, very late and somewhere in between.






I carve out time to help with homework, make dinner (okay, order dinner more often than not), and exercise.  Sometimes, I have sex which is getting harder and harder to write about because my tweenager’s friends are following me on Instagram and FB, and from time to time, my husband gets a little comment like ‘I love your wife’s blog’ from not my target audience.  Oh well, I have to keep everyone on their toes while being true in my writing and sex, vibrators, and whether we love Christian Grey or not is a lot more seductive than discussing what I launder my oldest’s basketball uniform with….I digress, though.

I think that I was talking about the life of a blogger/writer and I am pretty certain that my original point was its [blogging] not all it is cracked up to be.  After all, yesterday I was still in sweats, my hair tied in a knot, not wearing any makeup, and on my 3rd pot of coffee at 2:30 p.m., I was powering through my day, which a big part of this is being online as I said earlier.  It is a way of life for a blogger: having their pulse on what is going on in the online community.  My friend Stef finds this amusing and spends her free time making up very catchy hashtags that she would like me to pitch to major brands.  Maybe, I will get around to that soon.  Some of them are pretty funny,  Like #[insertmajortissuebnad]snot.  Of course, I say this with the greatest love as Stef knows that most of what goes on in my day to day life can and may become fodder for the blog (as she says)..More digressing.










So, when I really get down to it.  Blogging is the cat’s meow.  I love it.  For me, it works.  I love writing for myself and other sites and particularly, I love travel related writing.  BUT, warning:  Blogging is hard work and takes a lot of time and hard work.  This has been the bane of my existence most recently.  I have several new clients who have come to me and want help setting up a blog, and they want it like last week with at least 1000 unique visitors and a gazillion page views off the bat.  Oh, and they want to make a lot of moolah!  It really does not happen like that.  It takes patience (dirty word), networking on and offline, and a backbone.  People are not going to like what you write and they are going to tell you so.  You are going to have to actually build an audience and spend time online checking out other sites.


Spending time online is a constant swirl of activity and while very exciting, also taxing.


At this point, I am pretty sure that I am not even certain of the main pulse of this post other than blogging looks glamorous, exciting, and easy.

Exciting – yes.

Easy – No.

Glamorous – Not always.  Actually seldom.


I love seeing new blogs hit the ground running like this one (by a dad no less), but I also urge anyone vaguely interested in blogging to stay tuned, I am going to help you out over the next few months.  I am like that.


..More to come on this.  BUT, curious – if you had to pick one topic to write a blog on, what would it be?  I LOVE hearing these answers.

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  • Haralee January 12, 2013, 1:29 PM

    I love to write about some musings. I believe if I am thinking something,lots of other women are thinking the same thing! Like the new color for 2013, Emerald. I can’t make sleepwear out of that color,, or wear an entire outfit without looking like a Forest creature, but as earrings or accent or accessories sure, but really Emerald? This is the fun stuff of blogging!
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  • Michelle H April 27, 2013, 12:53 PM

    I started my blog mostly to advertise what I am crocheting.. started branching off to reading, gardening, and Ebay too.. or mostly my life.. alot of people dont understand how time consuming stores and blogs are… sigh.
    Michelle H recently posted..My Latest Finished Book..My Profile

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