Oh my aching ta-ta’s

As many of you know, I have been running and running and well, running some more. All in all, this running has left me feeling pretty good everywhere but my ta-tas. That’s right, I have boobs and they are jiggling all over the joint when I am running, and guess what?  Just as I am trying to invent a way to maintain your bras longer, I am somewhat interested in my boobs not sagging for a while.

So, I have been trying a lot of sports bras.  There have been the good, the bad and the ugly, BUT the Rebound Racer by Moving Comfort is the best. Soft, tight-fitting without smashing, and racerback with adjustable straps in the front all making it superior to anything else.

Rebound Racer

Just sayin’.  You got boobs and run, the Rebound Racer is well worth the $50 it costs. Get one.

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