Warm Me Up

Love: Hand Holding

Valentine’s Day is this Thursday…what can I say?  Love (and chocolate) is in the air.


Not one to normally get too sappy over a Hallmark Holiday, I am feeling exceptionally full of amore’ this year.  With a myriad of sad events happening around me, I decided to focus on the love around me.


It is the little things that matter.  Like:


Bringing Henry home sushi and knowing exactly what to bring him without any instructions.


JB giving me 10 minutes of chatting and hanging when no one is looking.


GNO with my mom.


Facetime with my baby cousin, Emma.


BB performing on stage at school in a kilt.


Reconnecting with people from high school like Sarah over at Smart Bitches.


Being tagged a ‘Frentor’ by a good friend who is creating his own dad blog.  Love this word – Friend & Mentor = Frentor.


Yeh, it is the little things that warm my heart.  Ok, gifts do too.  Love the giveaway right here or the gifts organized by years together for the newbies to 50+ years together here.


Personally, I would not turn down candy or cupcakes.


What is warming your heart?

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