Zero Calorie Chocolate Truffle (Facial)

MMMM, Last week I had a Chocolate Truffle with ZERO calories.  You ask, How that is possible?  It was a Chocolate Truffle Facial… A decadent chocolate mask which contains a natural moisturizing factor and hydraulic acid which helps keep skin stay hydrated, smooth and promotes firmness and elasticity.

Which may sound like a lot of fancy jargon but is really kind of great because recently, I had to accept the fact that my skin does not have the same elasticity that it once did.  I don’t know exactly when it came to me.  It just did. (Could be all the jiggling around when I was running to and from my car.) Anyway, I decided it was a good as time as any to take good care of my face.

Aestique Facial

I spent an hour at Aestique (city location) which is practically in my backyard, and it was delicious.  Literally.  The place was really calm and relaxing but not in an overly intimidating way as in I did not feel as though I was transported to a library, but rather a sweet place for one hour of my day..  Usually, I cannot lie still for a whole facial, but my hour smelled so great (like chocolate) that the time passed quickly, and I felt so vibrant afterwards.

It was a cold and rainy day, so the steam felt incredible on my face and the chocolate aroma of the mask put me in the mood.  In fact, my esthetician told me that chocolate smells evoke feelings of being newly in love.  Who doesn’t want to remember that tingly feeling?

Aestique after Facial

In between all the steam and chocolate decadence, I also had my hands treated to hand warmers and my brows shaped.  I came out of the hour feeling like a woman with very elastic skin…I was feeling wonderful and also in the mood for a bite of chocolate which I indulged.

After all, chocolate has fabulous anti-aging qualities, so why not?


You can visit Aestique in Pittsburgh, either at the city location or in Greensburg, PA (or hint for your valentine to head in), for the Chocolate Truffle Facial or any of their body or facial treatments.  I am placing the body scrub next on my list.

In between, I am thinking of making this Cocoa Scrub…. 


Thanks to Aestique for treating me to a wonderful morning.  All opinions are my own.

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