To Nice Friends

I cleaned my home office in the early hours this morning while running around in my robe, shoving stuff in a garbage bag, making piles for the shredder, and drinking (well, mostly spilling) my coffee.  Then, I went to yoga in an attempt to focus, redirect, and gather myself.  A trip to Starbucks and a shower later, I am no more settled.  Somehow, I am just a ball of energy.


Not quite nervous energy, but general restlessness.  If there ever was a day to call myself ferklempt, this is it.  I am simply jittery, jumpy, and not really able to settle.  Why?  Well, yesterday I submitted my provisional patent application for a product idea that I have been working on since October, 2010.  An idea which has been kept under lock and key for a very long time other than with those who have been working intimately with me on it.

cheers to success!












Now, I have to do something with this idea.  My braduct.  It will either be accepted (or not).  I think back to when I sent my sons off to kindergarten for the first time.  Excited to embark on the new stage for both them and me, I felt like cracking open a bottle of bubbly on one hand.  On the other, I needed an almost continual regimen of heartburn medication for my nerves over whether they would make (nice) friends, not run into bullies, and eat their veggies at lunch.


Pretty soon, my braduct will be there in its own kindergarten of sorts and I am just not right.  I almost just want to keep my baby to myself, but really hoping she makes nice friends.

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  • Haralee February 22, 2013, 11:05 PM

    Exciting news!
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  • judy goldman February 23, 2013, 9:37 PM

    it is a long journey and you are getting there one step at a time!


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