Sorry, NO Internet Today. WHAT?

Yesterday, we suffered a loss like none other. Our wi-fi went out.  What else would I/could I be talking about?

no internet

As a family of four, ranging in age from 9 & 1/2 – 45 years old , we quickly realized how much of our life is dependent on internet, especially on a Sunday afternoon when we were both prepping for the week and chilling on the weekend.


We were incapacitated.  Unable to Facetime, rent a movie on iTunes, look up something on you tube, submit our book report on google docs, download a new e-book, or answer emails, we were desolate.


I had mixed emotions over the experience.  Part of me loves the fact that my kids love technology, are not afraid of it, and are learning how to use it in all aspects of their life (namely school and not just Instagram).  The other side of me was dumbstruck.  I mean, can we survive without connecting?


I don’t even buy real books anymore, and I was vehemently against reading electronically forever…And, you know what they say about if you don’t post about something, it didn’t really happen?  I was watching that phenomenon take effect before my eyes.


It turns out, the few hours without the ‘net were not too bad.  I did stuff that I normally put off like cook a few meals for the week and sort laundry.  I actually went to the grocery store without procrastinating and unpacked and put everything away.  A fairly domestic day left me feeling prepared for the week in a very different way than if I had been online and reading, note taking, emailing, and more than likely, wasting some time.


We had a really good home-cooked meal last and night and we have another one for TONIGHT!  The kids read the real, paper-newspaper as to an online version.  They played air hockey and were ready on time to leave for their activities.  I don’t know – it wasn’t that bad.  Then, I heard Henry shout a little update ‘Back Online Baby,’


That was all it took, we all dispersed to our internet duties.


I think I may ‘turn off’ the internet every Sunday afternoon.



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  • Patty Swisher March 14, 2013, 11:08 AM

    Rachel, I’m new to your blog and this prior post caught my eye. In the past three – four weeks we have been having ALL sorts of internet outages at home, to the point where we’ve changed providers to no avail. I, as much as my children, am dependent upon connectivity – dual screens – et al. to accomplish my tasks at home. Your post reminds us to pause, remember life before connectivity, and that YES, we will survive. Thanks for adding some perspective! ~ Patty (@pmswish)


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