The Wonder Years: Bar & Bat Mitzvahs

Bar Mitzvah Dancing

….Somehow I have found myself on the Bar/Bat Mitzvah circuit.  Seems like just yesterday, I was attending parties at Chuck E. Cheese (the non – drop-off variety) where I would ponder for 90 minutes to 2 hours what I could be better doing with my time.  Oh, I don’t know, perhaps bang my head into the wall and still not have such a headache?


Well, time has flown by and now I am heading off to Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.  If you are not Jewish, a Bar/Bat Mitzvah is when a child is seen as an adult in the eyes of the Torah (Bible) at age THIRTEEN.  Which really makes me want to laugh.  Do they really know anything at 13 years old other than ‘Mom, where are my clean socks?‘  The Bar/Bat Mitzvah is really marked by a service in which the teen reads a portion of the Torah and leads the prayers.  Typically, a party follows the service…


Congratulations and Gifts, a DJ, airbrushed T-shirts or hats, and a photo montage chronicling the most embarrassing and sentimental moments of the last 13 years are pretty standard for these parties.  Just like when my son used to attend parties in pre-school, he just gets ready to go and I run around looking for appropriate gifts and cards. In keeping with the uniqueness of the day, I like to do something individual and personalized.  Thankfully, I can do that online right from my home office with Personal Creations.  In fact, having access at home allows me to corral my son for a few minutes and he can help me choose a gift (SCORE!).


These parties are most certainly drop-off unless the families are good friends as a whole and then we attend as a foursome.  I actually love going to these parties with my kids for two reasons.  One, I have an easier time staying awake for an 11 p.m. or after pick-up, and TWO, I can spy.  By spy, I mean get a closer look at how my kid behaves.  I do not mean saying please or thank you to the hosts…I am fairly certain that he knows to do that.  What I mean is how he and his peers interact.  How they dance and socialize and coexist.


My sons and I are fairly close and chat often.  This being said, there is only so much 12 and 13-year-old boys talk to their MOM about, so I want to make sure he has heard everything I have been harping about for the last several years.  You know, respect, kindness, sticking up for oneself, and of course, girls are people, too.


I spent this past weekend with 8 boys staying at my house and 5 girls coming and going from their hotel with their moms, and it was a real window into the world.  Other than my 2 sons who live here, the other 11 kids were in town for a Bat Mitzvah and a Bar Mitzvah for friends from sleepover camp.  The Bat Mitzvah was drop off for me, but the Bar Mitzvah was a family friend, so I got to hang with the gang.


The only one who I was cramping his style was my son, which I took in stride.  I danced,  ate cupcakes, and had a blast at my house and at the party with these kids.  As I watched the kids sucking back Shirley Temples/Roy Rogers and checking their phones, I remarked, ‘These kids think they own the world right now….‘   I remembered back fondly to a time when I was 13 years old and still wearing bows in my hair.  There was a feeling of innocence back then that I am not entirely certain this generation has.


Part of me wishes they had that feeling, yet the other side of me sees a confidence that my generation did not know.  They may not be able to find their clean socks, but these kids do not have a fear of anything – technology, expressing themselves, interacting, and they seem so comfortable in their own skin.  I know there is bullying and problems still exist, but in general – it is a new world.  Not just because of Instagram or Facebook, but a place where instant access to information also shows off what the world has to offer.  I guess if they are really adults (ha), they see this world and they want a piece of it.


Honestly, I watched the groups of kids as the night went on and there were all the different cliques going off in one direction or another, but honest to God, they all seemed so strong and confident and happy and ready to conquer the world.  After they finished their Shirley Temple, of course.

 Shirley Temple

I want a taste of that feeling.


Disclaimer:  This post was sponsored by Personal Creations.  Lucky for them, my weekend was filled with Bar/Bat Mitzvah experiences.  All opinions are my own.

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  • Haralee March 4, 2013, 10:08 PM

    That was a fun time! With girls it is all about the dresses and shoes and of course can not wear the same dress for every Bat or Bar.
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