Becoming a Mom Entrepreneur: It is Scary and So Much More….

Today’s post was written by Jaime Coffey Martinez MS, RD, a clinical integrative dietitian located in the Washington DC metro area with private and corporate clients across the US.   Jaime wanted to share her journey going from corporate employee & mom to mom entrepreneur.  












…I am a mompreneur!  (I’ll be honest; I am only familiar with that term after following the Backngroovemom blog these past few years.)


Last year was about taking a career risk for me.  While I have happily worked my entire adult life in the field of healthcare, life events led me to want more in my professional career so I jumped headfirst after a dream and started my own nutrition consulting business, Nutrition CPR (Consulting Producing Results), LLC .


Like it or not, my life is about change. Change makes life interesting, exciting and sometimes downright scary.  Everyone knows that life changes after you have children, but my family’s life really changed after my son, who is now thankfully healthy and almost 9, became gravely ill as a young child.  He was hospitalized multiple times, saw hundreds of doctors (literally), and became somewhat of a medical mystery even to the world’s foremost authorities of his autoimmune disease.


As a parent it is our job to care for our children.  As a parent of a sick child we almost become pseudo-doctors as we research and learn every medical term and option available to heal our children.  As a parent of a sick child and a practicing registered clinical dietitian, it became my mission to help him recover and permanently implement lifestyle changes that would continue to keep him healthy.  Thus if I was going to talk the talk, we as a family were going to walk the walk.

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The decade prior to my son getting sick my career was spent in healthcare.   I graduated with a Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition from New York University.  I had experience working in hospitals, clinics, corporate fitness and wellness, weight loss, pharmaceuticals, sports nutrition and medical practices and I had helped hundreds of clients get healthy, yet I had allowed my family’s nutrition to take a back seat. Up until this point we were all healthy and I was not consistently practicing what I preach.


So from the moment my son was discharged from the hospital, my family adopted a healthier way of life.  My son’s illness changed me.  It forced me (in a good way) to integrate my profession into my personal life.  Many try to have a work-life balance, but my work became woven into my life and a desire to help more people reach optimal health became a career focus.  I loved my job as a Regional Nutrition Coach for a large fitness company but I had bigger visions.


The woman who has always feared changed was ready for a change.  While I was scared to leave my comfort zone, the routine, and my steady paycheck, my supportive husband encouraged me to take the risk and try because….. When you play it too safe, you’re taking the biggest risk of your life. Time is the only wealth we’re given. – Barbara Sher


So with my son healthy, I launched my dream and I created my own nutrition company, Nutrition CPR, LLC to teach others to Eat for Your Health! My company offers private nutrition coaching for adults and families and corporate nutrition and wellness programs. At Nutrition CPR LLC, I educate clients on the importance of choosing real, nutrient dense foods that will nourish the body, optimize health, and help clients achieve their personal goals because Food can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. – Ann Wigmore.


It is unbelievably rewarding to improve the health and quality of life of my clients whether it is via weight loss, medication reduction, improved symptoms or better energy and vitality.   The reward was well worth the risk.


I am proud to call myself a successful mompreneur! 


You can connect with Jaime on Twitter and get to know her even better – both on nutrition and building her business.


nutrition CPR

~I am so honored to know Jaime as a friend and a fellow mom entrepreneur.  So many times, all we need to hear is someone else’s journey to help motivate us. RB

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  • Judy Goldman March 14, 2013, 8:04 AM

    I really enjoyed Jaime’s blog and reading about her career path. I would love to have more contact with her. Rachel, thanks for this post.


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