Who doesn’t want to win $10,000?

Seems like every year I am giving a shout out to my good friends over at StartUpNation and their Leading Moms in Business Competition.  Well, there is a reason why I am always encouraging any mom in business to enter…Simply put, it is a fabulous opportunity.  The contest is a chance to gain free publicity but also an opportunity to learn about other moms in business in turn growing your own referral network.  AND, wait!  This year, the winner receives $10,000!!

SUN Leading Moms in Biz

Tell me that doesn’t sweeten the deal?  The number one winner receives $10,000 (from Staples) and I am sure you already have a plan in mind for what to do with that money and your biz.

All kidding aside, what I love most about the contest is the ability to see how many fantastic moms in business there are out there and learn about what they are doing.

Hence, the PR is not even measurable when it comes to this competition.

If you enter a biz, leave your name in the comments below, so I can go over and check it out and vote! RB

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