14th Wedding Anniversary: Bites Like a Shark

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…So my 14th Wedding Anniversary is tomorrow, Wednesday, March 27th.  Honestly, I can’t believe it.  I know if you ask Henry he will make a cliche’, yet somewhat funny joke like ‘Wednesday is our 40th, I mean 14th, anniversary.’  I know this because we have been married for 14 years, living together for longer, and well, that is just what happens.  You live with someone for that long, you fall into patterns and routines, learn each other’s funny moments, and get real acquainted with one another’s bathroom habits.  If you are married, I am not telling you anything you do not know.


Admittedly, I started thinking about this post a few weeks ago.  March 1st to be exact, and not because it was the start of our anniversary month, but my new-ish friend Debbie was coming to town for a visit and I was tidying up the house in case she wanted a tour.  Henry said he could show the company around, and I immediately piped in with ‘That is only because you want to use your oldest joke when you walk into our bedroom: This is where I do most of my f@#$*%$.’  He smirked and admitted yes.  (HA – got ya!)  I did not say anything at the moment, but my mind wandered to the notion, Geez-Louise, we are an old married couple.


Moving forward, the anniversary post played out several ways in my head.  From sentimental and sappy to gifts that I would give myself.  Since I really don’t do sappy, that idea was ruled out FAST.  There are a few little things that I want like this necklace or a HOBO bag, but if I want them, I will get them.  So, the gift list went by the wayside.  The how did we become an old married couple? seemed was the way to go.


But, I really don’t want to be the old married couple, but rather the stars of our very romance novel who despite kids, work, sickness, and god only knows what other obligations, go at it like bunny rabbits.  Trojan seems to think we should be like this too with the goodie basket of oils they sent me recently.   However, people, this is not always the case.  If you are married, you know this, too.


A few times I have suggested to Henry when we are away that we pretend we are dating.  Perhaps being on our very best flirty behavior and not being so open with our bathroom habits (this is an issue for me if you could not tell).  We can never quite pull this off because things like Henry pulling his back on an [excessive] mountain bike ride happens and we spend our weekend in a hotel nursing him back to health…OR, I run a half marathon which makes it hard for me to move.  We set out to have a the BEST time playing romantic sensual characters from a lifetime ago, and end up having the BEST time watching movies in bed.


Perhaps, being an old married couple is not so bad?  I don’t have a Carrie and Big moment if I have a little ‘toot,’ I have no worries taking my makeup off before bed, and we both are familiar with each other’s soft spots.  Plus, Henry knows exactly how to scratch my back the way I like it (that is my version of sappy).


Often I get asked about Henry’s role in my social media life and blogging and why it seems like he is not so present.  I don’t really have an answer other than he is just my rock of reality in the background.  He is sometimes not a huge fan of our lives playing out front and center and he prefers to not be fodder for Back’nGrooveMom. As you know, this does not always happen.  He makes a celebrity appearance from time to time, but part of me wants to keep Henry all to myself.  For the back scratching, definitely.


The last fourteen years have not been all bliss, not even close, and there are times, I need to hole up in a quiet space by myself…BUT, the last 14 years are ours.  Yeh, I think we got the 7 year and 8, 9, and 10 year itch from time to time, and it has not always been smooth sailing.  I don’t expect that it will continue to be idyllic bliss, but it is ours.


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We are no Edward and Bella or Christian and Anastasia or even Carrie and Big, but we are Rachel and Henry, old married couple.



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  • judy goldman March 27, 2013, 9:34 AM

    Wonderful couple!! Wonderful People!! Happy Anniversary!!!

  • Haralee March 28, 2013, 11:27 AM

    Happy Anniversary. A very sweet post!


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