How to Survive Traveling for Moms: Part 2

It has been almost 2 weeks since I am back from spring break, and I am finally feeling in a groove only to be heading out to a basketball tournament with my oldest son this weekend.  I guess that is life as a mom (whether one works in or out of the home).


No matter what, routine always seems to slip through our hands as quickly as we can grab at it.  


I think back to when the boys were younger and they would finally be in a nap or sleeping routine and I would take a deep breath….ONLY, for it to be totally different in a few days.  This was a challenge for me, and one that left me at quite a loss on how to survive continual transition.  I am not going to say it was easy, but I sort of figured it out.


Now with a husband who travels, my travel to conferences and product-related business, and 2 sons heavily involved in activities and competitive travel sports, we are always going and coming and basically, transitioning.  I don’t need to overstate the importance of my smart phone, iPad, or all the chargers that come along with them.  They make most of the magic happen.


A strong attempt at some kind of organization or patterned behavior is my second savior  with leaving and going and turning around and leaving again.


Although, I would love to crawl into bed or cuddle on the couch and watch the travel fairies take care of everything for me…They just do not seem to exist.  So, these are my



Back to Reality Tips for Traveling Moms:


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  1. When getting ready to go back home, pack all your dirty laundry in one suitcase and take it immediately to laundry room.  Just sort it and start it.  The longer you wait, it is not going to do itself.
  2. Take 30 minutes while waiting in airport or the night before you travel back home to re-familiarize yourself with your upcoming schedule.  Make a list, prioritize, and set reminders for yourself!  Have longer than 30 minutes? Sift through email.  In fact, I recommend checking email 1x/day while away, deleting junk and spam while flagging important ones.
  3. After you take the dirties to where they go, unpack your toiletry case and refill it with anything you used up, so it is just ready to go for your next trip.  Stash it under the sink in a ready position to grab and go.
  4. Quite like the dirty clothes, mail does not open itself.  Open your mail next to the garbage can and toss out all the junk.  Make an attend to ASAP pile and a Get to Later Pile.
  5. Remind yourself not to overpack for your next trip because it just makes more work when you get home.
  6. Last but not least, I am so envious of cities that offer delivery groceries. but this is just another item that must be attended to sooner than later.  I usually have an extra ultra-pasteurized milk in the fridge and an OJ, so we can at least make coffee, eat cereal and drink up some fruit upon arriving home.
  7. My ultra sneaky bonus tip:  WHEN clean laundry starts to make its way out of the laundry room and you have a trip coming up, set aside clean stuff you want to take with you!  This will save you spending the night before you leave in the laundry room washing and drying clothes you planned to take but are dirty!


I will tell you I prepped for this weekend in about 10 minutes thanks to these tips.  Now, I just have to find a block of time while away to finish up 2 or 3 or 4 projects and cheer my son on and have a little fun before the next trip!


As with anything, forgiveness to yourself goes a long, long way.  If your routine is not perfect on either end, so be it!


Photo Credit:  No that is not my luggage, but Ask Men and I both wish –


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  • Haralee April 14, 2013, 2:08 PM

    Good tips. I used to travel for a job about 42 weeks a year. I always had packed toiletries and make-up and underwear in my bag extra from what I had at home. Clothes are color themed so shoes match all outfits and wear heaviest clothes on the plane. Of course sleepwear for sleeping that is comfy and packs into nothing, can wear it opening the door for room service or walking to the lobby for coffee and if your hotel ever has a fire alarm you are good to go to be seen in public!
    Haralee recently posted..A 10 Year PlanMy Profile

    • Rachel Blaufeld April 16, 2013, 7:34 AM

      I also think the temperature always seems so difficult to manage in a hotel room – your pjs are more than likely perfect!


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