Gosh darn it, my mom loves me

May 6 – Today is a BIG birthday for my mom.  I will not say exactly how big, let’s just say I am 38 and my mom gave birth to me when she was 26 years old.  If you want to do the math – be my guest.


Anyway, I was mentally taking notes all weekend about what I would write today in honor of my mom:  How we started out just the two of us, How my mom kicked ass as a single mom, How my mom was the original backngroovemom….You get the picture.  I was beginning to think that I would end up boring you all with a incredibly long post that no one really wants to read because after all, we all think our moms are awesome in their own way.


Although we often sometimes disagree on swearing, drinking beer from the bottle, and the misogyny of women (I do believe that was our last argument), and we are in constant communication despite the fact that my mom doesn’t believe so – I love my mom.  I do not even adequately think that I could do justice to how much I love my mom.


Despite the disagreements and early morning phone calls, I feel pretty strongly that I adore my mom so much because she is still showing me every day that she loves me.  She argues with me (she does!) and drives me up a wall almost daily, but gosh darn it – my mom loves me, and I have to say – there is nothing like love from a mom.


Just yesterday, I returned home after a full day of traveling back from the west coast, and my mom left me homemade veggie soup.  Who does that?  Who knows that one’s stomach is going to be such a wreck after hotel food and airport garbage and makes homemade soup?  My MOM!  That’s who.


As I warmed a bowl of the soup, I thought to myself:  All is right in the world.  My mom made me soup and she loves me.


Funny, last week, I was interviewed on myself as a modern Jewish mother.  I stated that my Jewish Motherness was encapsulated in the fact that when my kids don’t feel well, I make homemade chicken soup.  I guess my mom and I have a lot in common.


mothers day with my mom












To homemade soup, unfaltering love, and many, many, many more candles on your cake – Happy Birthday MOM!

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  • Haralee May 6, 2013, 7:04 PM

    Sweet pre Mother’s Day post!

  • Judy Goldman May 7, 2013, 9:37 AM

    Thanks for this beautiful post. I love you so much!
    I hope that I can drive you up a wall for many more years!
    Happy Mother’s Day! Love, Mom

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