Next best thing since sliced bread at Prantl’s Bakery

Prantl's Birthday Cake

Lost track which bday this was for, but still eating Prantl’s & shmearing my name for good luck

 I was dreaming, no, not dreaming, but salivating over the upcoming piece of Prantl’s birthday cake awaiting me on Friday in honor of my mom’s birthday.  I was contemplating running a few extra miles in order to justify a 2nd piece, when it occurred to me that I had to still order the cake.  Damn.  That meant another phone call on my to-do list.


This also came to me while I was on HOLD with the doctor’s office for my son for an ungodly amount of time only to be told to call a different office where there were appointments available.  Really?  As if I have an extra 2 hours in my day to sit on hold!


How did I make myself feel useful?  I ordered my mom’s bday cake ONLINE with Prantl’s.  That’s right – I said ONLINE!  I hear it a lot in the circles I travel that moms are the mothers of invention, and the ability to order birthday cakes online is the invention of all inventions when it comes to me (note – Prantl’s, originally a family owned business was purchased in 2007 by 2 moms Annette Mich and Lara Bruhn with Matt Bruhn acting as a silent partner).


Seriously.  The last thing I wanted to do was spend more time on hold with the bakery and risk something being lost in translation over the phone.


I grew up loving Prantl’s Bakery, my wedding cake was from there, and now eating Prantl’s just got a little bit sweeter.  When I received my email receipt from Bruhn herself, I told her so….and, asked a bit more about the concept, how it came to be and was it working.


Funny, the online ordering was born while one of the co-owners of Prantl’s waited on HOLD to schedule her child’s well-child visit at the doctor only to realize she had to call back at another time.  Lara Bruhn said now she smiles every morning as the orders come in and she envisions customers ordering cakes while in their pj’s.  (Ummm, makes me want to order a cake to go with my coffee as I write this in my pj’s.)


Bruhn says more and more orders are being placed via their website. “I picture moms across Pittsburgh planning something special and going to at all hours of the day and night.  I get an email whenever someone places an order and when I check each morning at 6am it always makes me smile to think of how busy our customers have been ‘after hours’.”


Well, I am in for the long haul with the online ordering.  BTW, the online system is incredibly easy to use, and leaves no room for error in choosing flavors, colors, decorations, and copy.  After precisely ordering and then paying, the only thing left to do is pick up the goodies making it easy for busy moms (and dads) to run in and out.


With Mother’s Day being this Sunday, I salute Lara and Annette for making moms’ lives a bit less stressful and taking something we take for granted (online access) and applying it where it was desperately needed in Pittsburgh.


Now, I am not so worried about my 2nd piece of cake because I can easily order another one.


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  • Judy Goldman May 9, 2013, 3:06 PM

    so glad that you ordered a Prantl’s birthday cake! I would not have known that you could do that online.

  • Becky May 9, 2013, 4:08 PM

    That’s definitely a great saver for mom’s! What an incredible connection, too. Thanks for sharing a real option for us busy moms. (Shh, I’ve never had Prantl’s, but now I just might need to…following a few miles’ run, too!)
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    • Rachel Blaufeld May 17, 2013, 10:27 AM

      just used the online ordering for a second time and just as good as the first – Becky!


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