Visions of a Perfect Mother’s Day

Perfection and Parenting.  Two words that really do not always go hand in hand.  Just google the 2 words together and you will get nearly 3 million results on the subject.  Parents trying to be perfect.  Parents who think they are perfect.  Parents who reject perfection.  The psychology behind parents wanting to be perfect.  A+ Parents.  A+ Kids….You get the point.


I admit over the last 12 & 1/2 years in which I have been a parent, I have grappled with perfection in all of the aforementioned ways.  Am I trying too hard to be perfect?  Can I be perfect?  Do I want to be perfect?  Are my kids perfect?  Do they look perfect?  Act perfectly?  Are they A+???  Am I?


This is especially true when it comes to holidays, like Mother’s Day.  (uh -hum)  Jump on Facebook or Instagram or just take a walk down to your local eatery, and you catch a glimpse of all the perfect kids having a perfect brunch with their perfect moms.  Hair is combed, sport coats and little sundresses are abound, and smiles are a plenty.  The breakfast in bed trays feature bud vases and little boys and girls sit with their hands in their lap at breakfast out.


I am guilty of wishing for this type of idyllic Mother’s Day each year.  A pursuit of perfection which I will never quite grasp being the mom of 2 not very neat boys, 2 nosey dogs, and 1 extremely loving but hopeless in the kitchen husband.  Last year I requested a fancy brunch for four at a local bistro, and we did it.  The boys squirmed and itched to get out of their seats and back to their footballs, basketballs, and bikes littering the driveway.


This year, we did not get a reservation for brunch.  Ok, I was disappointed at first because I really wanted my perfect Mother’s Day.  I ho-hummed, “Well, I like fresh bagels just as much…”  Of course, all the while thinking, I am not going to get any perfect pictures of my very perfect Mother’s Day 2013.


As it turns out, my day was just perfect with bagels in bed, a wrecked kitchen, a walk/scooter ride in the drizzling rain while passing an extremely fascinating construction site, and my kids really taking the time to ‘clean up’ – just check out the perfection:


Breakfast in Bed, Mother's Day 2013


Walk by construction site with sons


Mother's Day Walk 2013


Messy Bedroom


Yes, you are right – there are TWO basketballs sitting in the middle of this bedroom  and an unmade bed (who can sleep in an unmade bed?) AND guess what?  I don’t care!

It was a perfectly real Mother’s Day with my boys!!

What was the shining point of your Mother’s Day?

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