Escaping the EVIL Home Office

Often you will hear those of us with home offices bragging about how great it is…We love the convenience (and working in pj’s).  As a parent with a home office, sick days are not as much of a stressor, late nights are easier to maneuver, and there is no traffic to fight on the way home.


Here is the thing about home officesWhen it is good, they can be oh-so good, but when it is bad – they are EVIL.  EVIL, I said.  Like, after a holiday weekend which is never really a holiday weekend for moms because we are oh-so on duty all weekend.  The holiday weekend which has left our house (which is our other office) in shambles and begging for us to pick it up instead of do our work in our actual office.


Piles of laundry beckon, grocery shopping calls, piles of shoes loom in my way, and games/toys/sports equipment runneth over my floor and mind after a long holiday weekend.  A weekend in which I got very little sleep and even less time to escape into the confines of my home office where I have shit stuff to do.  A lot of stuff to do.


 home office mess



It is pretty impossible to achieve a happy medium with a home office and requires the dilligence of a dog digging up a bone in the backyard.  If I am not pulled into the overwhelming black hole of the rest of the house to attend to whatever it may be that is screaming my name at the moment, then it is sucking me way into the deep confines of its very own black hole.  That is the gravitational pull of all that is work and quiet and ideas and writing and contracts and clients….none of which back talk and all of which offer great reward.


So, I have flew the coop.  I have escaped to a coffee shop.  Not even one of my regular coffee haunts where anyone can find me, but a little place tucked away near Pitt and Carnegie Mellon campuses.  A place to refuel my tired bones with not only caffeine but youth.  You remember that time when you pulled all-nighters and studied with friends in the coffee joint?  That is what I am filling my soul with today.  An injection of what life used to be like before I had the mess of the house calling and long weekends zapping all my energy.  I am liking it….Change of venue, new people watching, sifting through cool and exciting new ideas.


But, I miss home.  I miss my home office and the reasons why the long weekend ended in such a mess.

 happiness at home


I am working fast to get back to that.  Really fast.


Do you have a way to keep the boundaries of your home office in check?

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  • Jen Sako May 28, 2013, 12:57 PM

    My boundaries get blurred too. One of my favorite times of the week is a Monday morning when everyone is out of the house, though!


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