Products for the Active Mom [preneur] this Summer

Summer is here which means I am racing in and racing out 50 bazillion times during the day.  The kids will be out of school soon, and our lives and schedules will be turned upside down.  Picking up, Dropping off, stopping for ice cream, working (remember that?), packing for vacations/conferences/camps, and desperately trying to soak in some of the good weather will very soon ALL be blurring together. Managing dirty, sweaty kids while popping out of the house to a meeting (while still looking decent) is a BIG challenge.  Being active with the kiddos, still smelling OK (perhaps great?), and looking like it is no big deal is my goal…..I have a few products and tips to help me achieve this:


Products for the Active Mom [preneur] this Summer:


Vaseline Spray and Go

1.  Go-Go Fast with Spray and Go.  I bummed some of this little goodie while I was at Mom 2.0 where Nia Vardalos (remember her from Big Fat Greek Wedding?) swore by this product relieving moms of having to jump around waiting for lotion to dry.  You know the little drying dance you have to do before putting clothes on?  Yep, Nia was right on….This Vaseline Spray and Go is quick and easy to apply, rub in, and get dressed in the 3 minutes you have been allotted.  My skin has been staying smooth and not itchy, so it is a win-win.


LAILA necklace by ML Accessories

2.  Get Gatsby-esque and a pinch of color .  That’s right – no one wants to look frumpy, so spice up your summer wardrobe with some color!  Winter is gone, so no need to be drab.  Plus, Gatsby is all the rage, so bring on a little 1920’s flair with a piece like this Laila Necklace by ML Accessories.  Woman founded and created, ML is a groovy company to support.  OH, and I know what you are thinking – the necklace looks too heavy to wear in the heat?  Quite the contrary – the necklace feels great around my neck with no compromise to quality.


J Crew Knit Princess Dress


3.  An A Line Dress that can go anywhere…Day, Night, Playground.  I love this Princess Dress by J Crew (which happens to be on sale right now).  I have this dress, have transported it wrinkle-free to a conference, and also have worn it straight through the day from appointments to activities with the kids.  A-line is such a fab cut for summer, cool, slimming, casual and dressy at the same time.  Available in a few colors, I am tempted to get a second. 


Aveeno Sunscreen


4.  One Size fits all Sunscreen.  If you are like me, you do not like shlepping a million bottles of sunscreen out and about.  I like this new one by Aveeno because the whole family can use it and get broad protection from UVA/UVB rays.  Enough Said.

Tory Burch Filipa Wedge

5. Wiggle your feet into Wedges!!  Wedges were obviously brought back in style by a busy mom (like Tory).  A little lift ot give your calves the raise they need while still being able to walk is the big draw.  I am lusting after this one by Tory Burch.  The Filipa comes in a few color combos (see #2) and is on sale….So, excuse me while I go now and perhaps do some shoe shopping.


Disclaimer:  All opinions and picks are my own.  I was provided a sample by ML Accessories and Vaseline Spray and Go. 

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