Are we (moms) becoming Big Brother?

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…We talk a lot, I mean A LOT, about kids today and their addiction to cell phones.  HECK, as adults we are enraptured with our smart phones.  After all, they can do just about anything except for boil water for pasta.  I have suggested and tried a break from the phone from time and time and LORD knows there is a ton written on moms and dads breaking away from their phones to actually BE with their kids.  So, this morning as I put my kid on the bus for a 3 night/4 day class trip without his phone, why am I a mess?


A mess over the kids not being allowed to take their phones.  I know the clutch of it.  The risk of something landing on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, or Snap Chat for 30 seconds which clearly did or does not belong out there on the internetz.  I know they are on a class trip and will be fine.  We were?!?!? – right?  We went to all kinds of places without phones and turned out A-OK.  So, why am I CRUSHED over my son being without a form of communication for 4 days?


Believe me, I am not worried that he will miss 4 days of selfies and photos of shoes, but quite frankly – I am addicted to checking in with him.  Add it to the list:  I am addicted to my phone, my iPad, and now, totally caught up in the continual ability to know where my damn kid is or going.  Whether it be a text, a call (gasp), or looking up where he is via Find my iPhone, I have gone Truman Show.  I am Big Brother, and my kid is constantly being watched.


I did not even begin to think how much security, or false security?, I draw from my preteen having a phone until he was forced to leave today without one.  I know it seems strange because he goes to sleepover camp for a MONTH during the summer sans a phone.  However, when he does that I can get my fix via Bunk1, which IMO, is a brilliant entrepreneurial venture.  That’s old news for you, though.


So, that leaves me to get on with it this week with only one child at home and another sleeping somewhere far away…And, I only wish that I could send him a sleep tight text.  What would be so wrong with that?  Guess it is cold turkey for me.  At least I know my son is way smarter than me because last week he said to me ‘I have gone 4 days without posting to anywhere, so I know I can do it next week.’  Do you think that I tried to go a even a day without staying in touch with him?


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