TOP 10 Things to TO DO in your home (office) when you are stuck in with a sick kid

With THREE & a HALF days of school left in the school year, I have my little guy home under the weather.  Forget the fact that I have so many loose ends tied into this week before the schedule gets completely turned topsy-turvy, but somewhere in there, we have the orthodontist, the dermatologist, and a graduation party….. Did I mention that I am speaking at Chatham College on Friday at 7:30 a.m.?  Anyway, I really could have my panties in a bunch over this sick day, but instead, I just took a deep breath and decided to make the best of it.   Nothing I can do.  My number was up the deli counter of sick days, and we are HOME.


I made a list of what I could do with my time sequestered in my home office while my youngest feasts on iPad movies.  [YES, I am a believer in movies and TV in bed while one is under the weather.  Keeps them quiet and resting.]  I came up with this list to make me feel more productive and less angry dog. HA! 

TOP 10 THINGS to do when home with a sick kid




  1. Clean desk, what else would you do first?  Chances are that doing business over the phone if going to be slim to none, especially if you have little, little ones.  So, grab a garbage bag and open up your file cabinets and start pitching and filing.
  2. Online SHOP!  Seriously, there is always a holiday (like Father’s Day) or birthday coming up.  If you are anything like me, you woke up to a bazillion emails announcing sales and free shipping, so find one and do your errands right from home.  Make sure to make a list first though to avoid unnecessary shopping!
  3. Organize your receipts.  Whether you have a home filing system or use an online solution like shoeboxed, my thinking is YOU have receipts laying around.  Scan them in or file them.  Just do it already.
  4. Make soup.  Nothing better to cure any ailment or a lost day of work than a pot of home made soup.
  5. Backup your computer or photos or music.  Bet you have not done this in a while either.  Another task that simply requires a little down time in your home office so get to it.
  6. Make a vision board.  Nothing more inspiring than a day at home doing zilch to get your juice flowing with what inspires you and what you want to achieve.  Even better, little fingers can help you glue and paste.
  7. Clean a closet and make a pile of items to giveaway to a local non-profit.  Many agencies for kids are looking for books, legos, and toys in good shape; Women’s shelters are always seeking toiletries for their residents; and winter coats and hats and sweaters are a big deal for GoodWill.  Feel like you did something worthwhile with your day.
  8. Call, Skype or Facetime with Grandma.  Nothing brings a grin to a sick kid like grandma, and sometimes just the understanding look of your own mom makes the stress of being home melt away.
  9. Let your child interview you about what you would be doing with your day if you were not home.  Do the same with your little bugger.  What would they be doing at school right now?
  10. Call it a day and snuggle up with your kid and watch a movie.  Tomorrow will be a new day and you can call in replacements, but today you have some time to just love up your kid.


Anything else? Before I pack it in and shnuggle up with a movie and my ‘baby’……

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