Caught by my kids. Are they leaving for camp yet?

….Last night my oldest caught my husband and me in a compromising position.  OK, not the kind of compromising you are thinking about, but just kind of necking a bit in the kitchen.  For my son, who is bursting with hormones and the change being ‘upon him’, it was just plain embarrassing.  We are affectionate people, don’t get me wrong, but lately the raging testosterone is simply doing funny things to us all.


...One Can Dream

…One Can Dream


Any who, I got to thinking about life over the last 15 years with my husband and all the different stages we have survived.  From the early days of being in love, young, carefree and ravaging one another to the newborn stage when sleepless nights, spit up, and the inability to even keep one eye open upon getting in bed to the current times in pre-adolescence.  There have been time periods where sparks between the two of us could fly easily like when both our kids nappped and had early bed times.  Now, kids are floating around at all hours of the day and night, not to mention our schedules put us all over the place namely driving the aforementioned preadolescents everywhere.



But enough about me.  How about you?  Ok, never mind, I may or may not want to know (you are saying the same thing about me right now).  



I do know this.  Many of you are packing your kiddos up for sleepover camp, and since I already have written about packing [for boys] and waiting up all night for Bunk 1 to load, my latest camp advice is take the time to reacquaint yourself with mr. or mrs. right.  I am not speaking exclusively in a sexual way, but just take yourselves back to a time where life was fun.  Remember those days?  Late dinners after work?  Reading the Sunday paper over brunch?  Leisurely strolls?  Happy Hour?  Tangled feet in bed?  Late movies?  Whatever floated your boat, get back to it.  Even if it is just for a week or two or seven, embrace it.



My sons are not leaving for another month, and while I am enjoying them immensely (I did not just put that in because they are more than likely reading this), I am kind of looking forward to a bit of quiet time with my man while they are away.  Usually, we do a little getaway, but this year, I am about just being.  Being together, working on a few house projects together, riding bikes together (mainly because there is an awesome lulu lemon cycling outfit I want), cooking late dinners NOT together, and maybe staying awake for a late movie together.  This past weekend, we went on a date night just the two of us and really did not do much, but it was nice.  



Typically, I loathe the word nice, but just being was nice in a really good way.



So, while I am sure that I could come up with a great list of things to do [in bed] while waiting for Bunk 1 to load, I say this:  be together in any way that you want.  Enjoy your time because before you know it, you will be necking in your kitchen and getting caught.


Who is with me? … and stop cleaning, you know who you are!

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  • Becky June 28, 2013, 12:01 AM

    Great advice! Ours have been gone all week…and we are reconnecting tomorrow with NO PLANS. That’s the best.

    • Rachel Blaufeld June 28, 2013, 4:24 PM

      no plans is the best plan even though I fight the notion sometimes!


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