What I learned so far, summer 2013

It may seem as though I have fallen off the face of the earth, but no…I am still alive and kicking.


Actually, really ALIVE!  The mom part of my job has been at the forefront lately.  Spending time with my little guys, driving to Dr. appointments and haircuts and get-togethers, eating ice cream & pizza and cheeseburgers, and enforcing summer reading is just a sampling of what I have been doing.  I suspect that many other moms are doing the same, so I have been letting them do just that…so, my writing is not as frequent.  I have been mommy-ing and finessing my creative side.


Since licensing my first product, I am back at the drawing table with my newest ideas.  This is the fun part.  The dreaming and ‘playing’ with ideas.  Makes me feel like a kid this summer, too!  


I guess that is my theme: fun and sun?!?!?


Over the last few weeks, I have learned a few important lessons as a mom, wife, and woman while shlepping around and hanging with the fam.  Summer of 2013 has been a real eye-opener for me so far.


They might be helpful with your summer, too, sooooo, here you go:


  1. Siri listens and actually does what I say at about the same rate that my husband does (35%).  
  2. My mom was right again:  bigger kids, bigger problems, more time, larger needs.
  3. Ice cream is so worth the fat and calories when it is eaten walking next to your kids.
  4. NEVER start a new series on Netflix at 11 p.m. that is five seasons deep if you want to get a good night’s sleep.
  5. Attack everything in life without fear like my 10-year-old went down into the skateboarding bowl.


Well, as you can guess, I am tired (stayed up late watching a new series) and I am trying to get ready for small trip, and then next week…I will be putting on my business beret again.  I am milking every moment with ice cream and pizza and cheeseburgers and adolescent grins and sticky hands.

 mom and son, summer fun

Hope you do too!

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