Being Big, Bad, and Passionate

I just spent the craziest 48 hours in NYC ever.  Not that kind of craziest.  Not like the night in college we were bored and drove 4 hours to go out in NYC, proceeded to show up at my friend’s sister’s apartment in the Village to crash in the wee hours of the morning, and then wake up, eat bagels and head back.  Definitely not that kind of crazy.  Just so we are all on the same page, that kind of crazy would land me in bed for weeks.  .


Nonetheless, my recent 48 hours in the Big Apple did indeed include very LITTLE sleep and good-o-plenty excitement.  Amazing what one can cover in 2 days in New York.  Broadway shows, shopping, eating, 11 miles total in Central Park in my mizunos, and the reason for my visit – Tory Johnson.  I was long scheduled to attend Spark and Hustle with Tory, which by now you know, I love both Tory and the conference.  This time I brought my mom along on the trip.


My mom toured around the city and met for 2 fun evenings out while I was inspired on a new level.  Of course, S & H came complete with the motivation and inspiration we have all come to expect from T.J. and her crew. 


Although it was something more this time.  I can’t quite put my finger on it.  Just something more.  Many of the lessons of the conference I know.  The importance of social media, the growth of sales because of the internet, conversions due to email campaigns, and the love of the story behind businesses like Dwell Studio, Style by Ceci, Hail Merry Snacks, and Tate’s Bake Shop.  BUT, it was these words that resonated on the most basic level in reference in finding the opportunity that works best:  “Passion that keeps you up at night….you want to DO it [whatever it is you are doing]”  by Kathleen King, owner/founder of Tate’s Bake Shop.


You may be scratching your head over why these simple words appear to be so profound to me.  I mean – who does not think we need to be passionate about what we do?  Especially someone going to Spark and Hustle?

 dream big

We are obviously passionate, but what resonated with me was our ability to be passionate.  Spending time with my mom allowed me to think about her generation of women and were they able to be passionate always?  My mom is a teacher by trade.  Half of her friends are teachers.  The other half nurses.  Ok, not exactly 50/50 split, but damn close.  Anyone see the distinct contradiction between our mom’s choices and ours?  


We spend a lot of time beating each other up.  Women, I mean.  The stay at home ones vs. the work outside the home models.  The work inside and outside against who knows?  Regardless, we knock each other down when we should take a long hard look around and realize how lucky we are to have so many choices, options, ways to be passionate!


My mom was having some other discussion with me in one of our cab rides.  Something on ME from my past.  My high school years and I was always going to something big or I really don’t know what she was saying, but the meaning was something big in the traditional sense.  To begin with, I am just not so traditional.  Secondly, my response was something like this:  I think I am doing something big.  Something new and scary.   The big bad internet is where I reside.  Understanding it, helping others to believe in it and learn it and all the while, licensing products.  When I was in high school, I never imagined this world would exist.  I barely could be passionate about anything other than where the next party was and my AP English class.


At least one area translated to now because I am crazy in love passionate about writing.


I am not mad at my mom.  She has always been confident in me.  Expecting something big and large from me.  Just not this.  Not this wading through unknown waters.  Being passionate about the unknown because at the end of the day, that is what this is.  The unknown.  That is big enough for me.


In a million years, we never thought the internet would exist and there would be mompreneurs and women business leaders all over the country making passions and dreams come true.  Put a fork in that and chew it.  


That is crazy.  (Or, cray cray as they would say nowadays. cringe.)


Rachel Blaufeld Spark and Hustle 2013


Is that crazy or what????


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