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As I start writing typing this, I think to myself:  What is the point?  It is currently a gorgeous day at the end of July?  Who the F is going to read it anyway?


Then, I remind myself THAT exactly what I am writing about here and encourage my fingers to keep moving on the keyboard.  What is IT precisely that I am trying to string together here, you ask?


The importance of keeping it real, staying true to your own written word, and of course, keep the verbage flowing no matter what.  In a nutshell…What is at the heart of the blog.


Last week, I caught a post on Blogher on why one blogger keeps writing despite low stats.  Nichole (Butterscotch Sundae) discusses what she learned from other big number bloggers like Katherine Stone and  concludes that she is not ready to walk away from “her little corner of the internet” no matter what her current stats are.  Mostly because she has created that little corner with her memories, stories, connections, and HER written word.  KUDOS.


So, in a time when approximately  1 in 4 people (my own stat) I meet want to start a blog and they want to be Kristen Chase or The Bloggess like yesterday, it is important to recognize that just does not happen.  Many of us blog because we want to record our trials and tribs, others do because we love to write and leave our mark in our small section of the web, and others do it for the free shit.  I will admit it, I really love some of the free shit…especially the Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer, but the freebies come and go.  


Shwag flows in and out of my life as quickly as my preteen son changes basketball socks and that is OFTEN.  Full disclosure: Since the start of the blog, I have always struggled with accepting products, writing sponsored posts, etc.  Every few months, I am swayed into giving it a try for this person or that, and then I think:  I suck at this.  I sit on the bleachers watching my kids playing basketball and wrack my brain trying to figure out how to weave Trojan lubricants into a meaningful post.  It just never comes out right for me.


Don’t get me wrong.  I think there are a lot of people doing this well and doing it right.   Needles in a Haystack and all; Classy exceptions compared to all the shlock on the net.  Cool Mom Tech provides reviews on new and relevant tech stuff for moms in a way that is real and authentic.  Jessica at Found the Marbles highlights ways to get involved with non-profits and do-good opportunities that makes me want to do each and every one because I believe in her words.  Michelle, locally in my backyard at Burgh Baby, makes me want to be a better person.  A writer who only strikes the keyboard with words that actually mean something.  To quote Michelle, “I am not a brand,” but just a mom who loves the written word and engaging with people all over and share opnions.


I see a small crop of up and coming bloggers paying attention to what is happening out there and going the honest way.  Then, there are the others who want to go here for free and make mula talking about it to their two followers on Twitter and basically have no regard for what it takes to build a community (not an audience).  I am jumping down off my soap box now.  


Christmas in July - how does it fit?

photo courtesy Flickr


I will leave you with this.  A few weeks ago, I was approached my the cutest company about celebrating Christmas in July.  They had the most adorable infographics and fun ideas, and I really WANTED to make it all work.  It was just down right fun and festive, but the thing was – the products for review were Christmas things.  Guess what?  I don’t celebrate Christmas, so it was obviously going to be pretty much NOT authentic, but I liked it so, so much.  I wanted to give it a whirl, but finally I said, I am Jewish so not sure I can spin this.  


In the end, it felt so good to leave it while keeping it real.  ( AND, I just sneezed (bless you) on the truth.)


Bringing it back full circle, numbers do not mean anything unless you are being real, and I don’t think there would be one person who would dispute that Katherine Stone is always real.  She is real and true to herself and her written message, so she is successful.  I am pretty certain that this did not happen overnight either.


So, keep writing or start a blog with eyes wide open.  Do you keep yourself WIDE, WIDE open to who you are?  Why you do what you do?



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  • Haralee July 30, 2013, 7:00 PM

    Your honesty is very real!

    • Rachel Blaufeld July 30, 2013, 8:06 PM

      thanks Haralee – cliche’, but honesty is the best policy no matter what. We have to be true to ourselves.

  • Emily from Mommin' It Up July 31, 2013, 9:55 AM

    I absolutely think you could write meaningful prose about Trojans, and I think it would be HILARIOUS for you to write about Christmas items… but you’re right, blogging is more than that for most of us. For me, it’s as close as my kids are going to get to a baby book – and it’s a good thing I have it, because I evidently remember nothing about their baby-hoods. Sam asked me to tell him stories of when he was a baby the other night, and we had to flip through Facebook to refresh my memory. So, basically, what I’m saying is – I’ve gotten some cool free shit as a result of blogging, but long after the free shit is gone, our words and our memories will be there as an authentic representation of this time in our lives.
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  • Janice Schwarz July 31, 2013, 7:24 PM

    I tend to be quite honest. Since you follow me on Facebook and are on Friends, you can see just how honest and blunt I can be. And the scary thing is that falls into the realm of “you should see what I DON’T post”!

    More of the “real life” goes on my husband’s site, Skippy’s List, where I “guest blog” (in quotes, because I’m his webmaster and proof all his posts too…so it’s extra funny that I’ve recently started writing there too and his fans are enjoying it).

    I tend to prefer to be true to myself, but I have to find a balance though, since I have a day job. That said, I applaud you for picking and choosing what you review. I would do the same. I don’t Like people on Facebook just because they want to swap likes; I have to actually like something about them and/or their business/organization/whatever. Just like I don’t take every client that comes my way; we have to be compatible in some way.

    I write because I love to write. And since we should write about what we know, that’s my own thoughts and experiences. And sometimes, it’s of interest to people. Sometimes, they stop and think. And sometimes I just make them laugh and feel better. Either way, writing just that makes me feel good, especially when I can help someone else in some way. In the end, I write because it is just another avenue to me helping make the world a better place.
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    • Rachel Blaufeld August 1, 2013, 7:19 AM

      you touch on something so important — the compatibility thing. So smart – it doesn’t work with everyone….crucial to know who you can work with and move forward with –

  • Mom101 August 5, 2013, 9:59 AM

    This is so awesome Rachel. Keep doing what you do. Numbers don’t mean much–just ask yourself every day “why do I blog?” I would imagine there’s a reason beyond stats.

    And thanks so much for the shout-out for Cool Mom Tech!
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