What makes for a better story than a cute dog, a Grandpa and a HEA?

Yesterday, as my boys went off to school, I started to think, “WOW, my baby is off to kindergarten.”  For those of you who know me, you are probably scratching your head in confusion because my baby went off to kindergarten over five years ago.  Obviously, I am talking about a different baby, and no, I have not had any more kids.  I mean my other baby, product idea.  My beloved braduct.  Just to bring you up to speed…Three years ago I decided that I had been dreaming for too long about a product idea in my head and I wanted to do something about it.  


Quite simply. I was going to invent something.  Easier said than done, I came to find out, but regardless, I kept moving forward.


I had this idea, which was something lingerie related, and I needed to extract said idea from my brain.  Originally, I worked with a local artist to help remove the concept from the depths of my head and make it into something tangible. Once I was there, I got stuck.  Seriously stuck.  Lucky for me, I met Chris Hawker, from Trident Design, at this point.  Chris and his team got me unstuck.   Seriously, I cannot put a value on the objective opinion and design help that Chris and his team gave to me.  If I did not connect with them, I would still be stuck.  


Together, Chris, his gang, and I went back in time to survey the market, determine product viability, potential pitfalls, and finally made it to the fun part: designing.  From there, we designed and redesigned and played with prototypes, met in person & had lunch, and redesigned some more.


This was all so exciting and I was there and ready to try to get this thing manufactured when I realized that I would have to give up a great deal of my freelance writing and other creative projects to get this product off the ground. Licensing was looking so much prettier to me around then, so back to Chris…I went.  We set up to show the product around and I got a licensing deal.  I know, it sounds easy.  It wasn’t.  That was what all the damn research and design was for, so in the end, it all came together.  There was a method to the madness. Anyway, so my product is licensed and in pre-production which I have likened to kindergarten for products.


Hot Dog Slicr



I mentioned earlier that I went to have lunch with Chris and his team in Ohio where they make all the creative magic, and the best part about being there was checking out some of the other cool products they had worked on over the years. The hot dog slicer shaped like a wiener dog caught my eye almost immediately. One, I am a dog lover.  Two, I have kids and serving hot dogs when they were little was always a big anxiety attack.  Choking is no joke.  I know because I did it once (my mom reminds me about it still after about 30 years).  So, while playing with all the goodies over at Trident, I fell a little in love with the Hot Dog Slic’r.



All this being said, the back story is even cuter because this product was invented by an adorable GRANDPA!  A grandpa.  Seriously?  What’s better than a grandpa?  Only a grandma.  This grandpa here was retired and watching his grand babies, and subsequently, serving hot dogs was NOT exactly a thrill a minute.


Hot Dog Slic’r – Inventor Profile from Trident Design, LLC on Vimeo.


From this little slice of life, the Hot Dog Slic’r was born.  I cannot help but smile as I think about this.  I look back on my own inventing experience thus far, and in the beginning, it was so much about having a new chapter of life for me (after both my babies were in school full-time).  Now, this grandpa was getting a new chapter.  How cool is that?  I kept that thinking my Pappy would have loved to be able to watch and earn a royalties off of his idea like this Grandpa.  My mom is retiring (and obviously, she is a grandma), and I think her ideas are always great, and she could have a whole new book instead of just a chapter.


Disclosure:  I do work with Trident Design on my own product design and licensing, but all opinions reflected here are my own.  I was NOT compensated for this post, and I did love the Hot Dog Slc’r immediately. 

Feel free to contact me (rachel [at] backngroovemom.com) to hear more about my experience with Trident.

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  • mark brodinsky August 27, 2013, 7:15 PM

    Boobies and wieners all in the same story. Thanks for a well-rounded blog.

    • Rachel Blaufeld August 28, 2013, 1:10 PM

      HA! that is a pretty funny joke –

      especially considering your book about to come out –

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