Do I even have time for Google (Plus)?

note: I published this back in July, 2011 (just look at the graphics and screen shots – they are ancient!), but I am circling back and going to be reporting back on +1, so feel free to leave a comment as I gather the evidence.  As to why – check this stat out.   


You asked, and now you are going to get it.  My opinion that is…..


What do I think of Google +? 


To be honest, I cannot even really give an opinion on using the G+ interface, just my thoughts on do we need it or not?



Now remember, I am not an authority when it comes to social media platforms, simply an avid and mostly efficient user.  I am not one to toot my own horn, so if you engage with me out there in cyber space, you can judge my authority yourself.


Personally, I have been on Facebook (“the book” as my cousin Nate refers to it) for a long time, and I really LOVE the book.  I adore keeping up with all my high school and college friends, their families, and their lives.  Recently, I acquired a bunch of new mompreneur friends on FB, and it is a fabulous little support network.


I do have my friends all clumped together (the FB grouping feature came out later & I did not go through and group everyone), so G+ is running a bit different from the start in allowing me to assign people to circles.  However, most of the people who I interact with on FB (friends & family) are more than likely not going to join G+, so I will need to stay involved over at the book. Not to mention, I need to investigate the circles and privacy, etc. because as one user mentioned to me that he was “not sure how people will feel about being in one circle but not another? ”  In other words, he expressed concern over the G+ circle labels. He might offend someone if they did not agree with the circle where he put them? (note – I mention that I have to investigate this).




Professionally, I think the FB business pages are changing for the better.  I like the way that they allow you to comment as your business and engage with other businesses in a b2b way.  I am growing my Back’nGrooveMom page as we speak.


When it comes to Twitter, you know that I am highly involved on it….I have written about it here on Back’nGroovemom and on my blog and for StartUpNation.  It is fun, relevant, and in real-time.  I love it, and I know that I will not discontinue my involvement there.  Twitter has also allowed me to make some fabulous connections in the mompreneur/small business world.


Then, there is Linked-In.  I have a profile, and I go in spurts in using Linked-In.  There are times when I am more involved than others.


Now those are the stats, details, and specifics of where and when I engage.  The real deal is that I am a firm believer in being TRUE to who you are on social media.  I do all my own social media adding my own FLAVOR.  I do not use automatically generated material, I come up with all that sh*t on my own (whether you like it or not).


In MY opinion, I think one has success in social media when they are who they are….when they are REAL.


So, I cannot say whether I like, dislike or love Google +, just that I don’t know if I have the TIME to do it!  I have heard everything from “it is going to be better than Facebook” to “look what happened to Google Buzz.”  I still cannot render an actual opinion….I am still investigating the circles, making the profile, and in general – how it works.


What I do know, is that I only have 24 hours in a day, and I am a mom & mompreneur, and I need to sleep and eat for a few of those hours, too.  AND, do I really need another social media profile to manage? Really?


The jury is out as to whether I have time to invest in another social network AND if it worthwhile for me to invest my time in it?

I am not the only one with these thoughts — How many places can I be connected? How many sites can I manage?  Will I be diluted if I am on too many sites?

I do not know the answers.  I just know that Google + may or may not be amazing, but at the moment, I do not know that I have the time to find that out.  I may eat these words in a few months…we will see.


If you are Google +, what are your favorite features? Convince me!

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  • Becky Lucid July 13, 2011, 1:16 PM

    Great article! I’d expect nothing less from you! I totally agree with you about the TIME and do we need yet another place to connect. I got on FB late in the game. So, I decided to try Google+ with all the other newbies (which for now look to be techies! As for the circles people won’t be aware what circles you put them in. I do like that I can select the people I would want to share FAN•NYSEAT™ with where I can’t on FB or Twitter. Until more users get on Google+ the experience is limited! I could see this taking the place of FB & Twitter if enough people join it. Only time will tell …

  • Rachel Blaufeld July 13, 2011, 7:42 PM

    Thanks for the great input Becky! I am thinking that most of the personal interactions will continue to take place on FB, but some biz/p.r. stuff will migrate to g+. We will wait and see – Rachel

  • Rita Brennan Freay July 15, 2011, 2:18 PM

    Funny…I am working a similar blog post! We are so on the same page these days…lol! I am in total agreement…and can’t imagine the time killer vs benefit?!!? Having never been there, I don’t have the answers either…and look forward to others who have been there to weigh in….after a while! I will especially be waiting for my coach Ann Evanston(of SNCC) to give a thumbs up before investing (or wasting) too much of my time! I have read (as the previous commenter said) that Google hopes this will replace all (fb,twitter, etx.) as our “all in one” place to go! We shall (wait) and be convinced:) Thanks for sharing!

    Rita Brennan Freay
    Rita Brennan Freay recently posted..My Kindle reader…is my new best friend!My Profile

  • Kostas July 18, 2011, 1:47 PM

    Wonderful post. I hated facebook with all those game requests and spam. I hope G+ will be a better one platform.
    Kostas recently posted..4 Χρήσιμες Επεκτάσεις Chrome για το Google+My Profile

  • Nicole Fende July 19, 2011, 9:16 AM

    Rachel I am also reserving my judgement on Google Plus. My biggest concern is time. I’m already feeling stretched with all the other social media platforms. To do one well you need to invest the tim.

    For now I’m playing the waiting game. I’ll give it a month or two and see how it goes for the early adopters.
    Nicole Fende recently posted..The Personalized Guide to Managing Your MoneyMy Profile

  • Denisse July 22, 2011, 12:07 PM

    I agree to give it time. I think right now only marketers, tech, and social media people are on there anyway. And I agree I see Facebook remaining as a place for both friends/family and Google remaining a place for business. We shall wait and see!

  • Wendy July 26, 2011, 6:47 AM

    I have not checked out g+ yet but am an avid facebook user. I am going to look into after reading this….

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