Look who made a Shift

Rachel Blaufeld running Philadelphia Rock and Roll Half -

I am back at my desk after running my 2nd half marathon yesterday at the Rock and Roll Half in Philadelphia.  It was a fantastic experience despite rocking a wicked head cold.  The day was made even better by having my whole family there to cheer me on (and steal my chocolate milk at the finish line).  As parents, we put a lot of pressure these days on our kids to make goals and strive to reach them.  Win or lose or whatever it may be, we mostly encourage our children to try their very best.  Becoming an endurance runner became a goal of mine around a year and a half ago.  Although it was a goal largely based on staying healthy for me, it also was a way of showing my kids that no matter how old we are, we all need goals.  


Especially when it comes to health.


Health never comes easy.  It is a series of decisions over the course of a lifetime.  Decisions over what to eat, how to exercise, when to drop bad habits, and staying educated on health trends.


I am reminded of when I met Tory Johnson back in 2011.  All the women in my family were big fans of Tory’s at the time, and they were all envious of my meeting HER.  I can tell this story a few years later because I know Tory now, but when I met Tory in person, I was kinda shocked.  There was no mistaking her bright personality, gorgeous smile, and her excitement over helping other women in business, but she did not seem so healthy.  We were at a conference in California and I was convinced that I WAS GOING to have some extra time with Tory when I ran into her in the hotel gym in the early morning hours.  Nope.  No Tory in the gym.  Plus, we had sandwiches and chips for lunch?!?!?!? 


Well, it wasn’t my place to say anything.

 Tory Johnson and Rachel, 2011


Tory Johnson and Rachel Blaufeld, 2012


As time went on, Tory and I became closer….seeing each other at regular intervals at conferences and such.  Each time, Tory looked a little healthier, and I secretly smiled to myself.  I noticed on instagram and Facebook, Tory was exercising with her family and when she finally hit Pittsburgh in mid 2012, Tory was a new Tory.  Sporting a healthy glow, definitely slimmer, and her personality was even BETTER, I was so happy for her.  I still said very little.  Just watched from afar at Tory’s progress, and quietly noted, we were now eating salads for lunch!!!!  My mom kept saying to me:  Look at Tory.  She is doing something.  She looks FABULOUS.  Find out what she is doing, Rachel.  Ask her….


Well, we know that Tory made The Shift.  Tory shifted her behaviors and LOOK at the results!  PHENOMENAL.  Last week, Tory released her book on The Shift, detailing what she did (MOM…), and the shift she made in her life to not just look better, but improve her overall health.  The book is most definitely Tory’s personal journey, and the intimate nature of it is so refreshing.  The book does not feel like it is pointing a finger at me or you or anyone else, but just showing how everyone (INCLUDING CELEBS) need to make changes and goals. 


Even though, I have always stayed somewhat slim….my former exercise routine was not doing it for me, so I needed my own shift which is what I did with the running.  It was hard, I never did it before and it HURT and nothing happened over night.  Yesterday when the boys saw me finish the race, they watched living, breathing proof of what it means to achieve goals.  The same truth holds for Tory and her family.  They witnessed Tory’s shift and it made it all the more better.


Tory is hitting the road now with a special evening event to help inspire YOU and your shift.  No matter what, we all have something we want to shift, so these evenings are for YOU. 


In honor of the launch of The Shift, I have two goodies for you.  The first is so you can spend an evening with Tory and hear about The Shift…..


The Shift by Tory Johnson


Enter BACKNGROOVEMOM for a 25% discount on any Shift with Tory Tonight event.


Second, comment below – in the comment box, not FB connect – on what you want to Shift, and I have a Shift Box of goodies to send to one commenter.  Winner chosen at random on Friday 20, 2013 at noon.


So, what the heck are you gonna shift? 

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  • Leona A September 16, 2013, 1:57 PM

    I am 56 and so tired of the losing and gaining over and over. I want to be healthy and have confidence and be happy to finally enjoy my life. I am held back from doing so much because I do not feel good about myself.

  • Becky Willis (@mrsgregwillis) September 17, 2013, 1:11 PM

    As you know, I am already SHIFTing with weight loss and becoming healthy / fit. Now, I’d like to add a SHIFT in worrying about pleasing everyone, which in turn has worn me thin (in the wrong kind of way). Tory should bring her event to Pittsburgh. xo