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The last few weeks, there has been an ongoing theme –  the ‘get rich quick’ theme.  Wanting it all now, yesterday.  Perhaps, covetous of those who have it.  When at the end of the day, there is no substitute for hard work.


That is why I am bringing this out of the archives…Read on and get knowledgable real quick.


There are some posts that live in your head for a long time before they find their way into print.  I have been meaning to write this post for a while.  Thoughts on this subject always seem to be sifting through my brain or popping up no matter where I am.


This is the thing:  Nothing comes easy and quick because if it does, it is too good to be true.  That’s right, your’s and my granny were both right.  If it is an easy fix, it is too good to be true.  Say it ain’t so.


Whether I am in the audience or speaking myself at a conference, the Q & A session always leads to someone asking the speaker, “How can I get to be where you are at?”  How can my blog grow like yours?  How can I get on TV like you?  How can I make my business a million dollar biz?  How can I be close with so-and-so, too?  The answer is continually the same: Hard Work. Period.


There is always some glimmer of hope hanging in the air, wishful thinking for a quick and easy 3 steps to make a million, get a million blog visitors, or achieve fame.

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Until then: You will have to settle to be Almost Famous & Successful.


There is no magic spell or recipe to make yourself an overnight success, just hard work.   Bloggers often complain about spammy emails and poor pitches from PR people, and I can’t help but to agree…. However, what gets me more are the emails I receive about fast and easy ways to earn money at home, fly by the night turnkey businesses, and pitches that stress how YOU can work just a few hours a day and in no time, have it all that are nothing like these legitimate ones here.  It just doesn’t happen.  Falling for one of theses scams only diminishes a person’s own intelligence.


Especially a mom’s.  As moms, whether we are changing diapers while running our households or working out of the home, we are savvy creatures.  Forget multi-tasking, we are simply highly evolved people who can schedule our days to the last second and simply make it work.  Sometimes it works better than others, but when we have a success – small or big – we just know that there was HARD WORK behind it.


It is so easy to get trapped in the rut if looking for an easy fix, a speedy way to make a big hit, or to feel like everyone else around us is doing something better and faster.  It isn’t true.


I see it in all aspects of my daily life from fitness to inventing to writing to networking.  First, I ran 1 mile than 2 and eventually after many, many months, I ran 7 miles.  Not right away.  First, I wrote a small blog, then a bigger blog, and now I am just a medium-sized blog.  I thought that I would be in market with my product, but nope.  There is so much due diligence necessary.  It was an idea, next a rough concept, then a model, and finally a working prototype with lots and lots of paperwork in between each step (now a licensed product!).


With every step of the way in running, inventing, and writing here – I always experience a bit of disappointment.  A moment or two in time in which, I hesitate about what I am doing.  It seems so slow-moving when is it going to come to a more pivotal point?  I hear snippets of it in every conversation that I have with other women.  My friend who is in direct sales is having a great month this month, but wishes every month could be like this one.  Another fellow blogger texts ‘nothing is happening fast, but slow and steady.’  Even my kids note the science fair takes time, multiplication tables take even more time, and making foul shots takes a lot of practice.


Why do we want instant success?  I predict to erase these moments of hesitation.  But, if everything was so easy, would we really challenge ourselves to work hard?


When you get to one of these stumbling blocks:


  1. Do what moms do best, make a list.  Write 2 columns.  One one side, include everything you have accomplished and the other, everything you still want to accomplish.
  2. Call your own bluff.  Look at the list and make notes in the sidebar about what you did that actually worked and what did not work.  Use what worked and apply it to goals for the side of up and coming goals.
  3. Take a time out.  Nothing helps wash away hesitation or a feeling to quit like time away.  It doesn’t have to be a Caribbean Vaca – although that seems nice – but, rather a walk, a massage, a cup of hot tea and a book.  Anything that lets your brain rest and your emotions retreat.
  4. Revisit & Revise.  After your break, take a look at your list and tactics again, I bet you add a few other accomplishments along with successful techniques and are more easily able to identify what worked from what did not.


Whatever you do, don’t think that anything came easy to the person – woman, man, or child – next to you.  If it did, we would all be rich and famous.

Are you Almost Famous & Successful?

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  • Haralee September 23, 2013, 3:17 PM

    Excellent points. My blog this week is part of a blog hop on reinvention. Is it need is it purpose is it desire, what ever it is for every person it takes time and effort.

  • Judy Goldman September 24, 2013, 9:13 AM

    Excellent post….chock full of good points!!


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