My two cents on Charlie Hunnam, swoon.

Photo: Wikipedia

Photo: Wikipedia

It has taken me a few days to formulate a response to Charlie Hunnam no longer starring as Christian Grey.  I was not even going to take a public stance on the situation (if you can even call it a situation), but then my Facebook wall blew up with my name being tagged in every possible way with the “news.”  


Next was my phone—text message after text message about Charlie.


So, hear you go.  To tell you the truth, I was not extremely upset.  


Do not get me wrong, I LOVE Charlie.  I love Charlie so much that when I sat down to write this, I thought to myself:

I adore Charlie Hunnam so much, I have not even thought about Ryan Gosling OR Ryan Reynolds in months! 

Yes, I thought that.  Me.


IT stands to reason that if I am obsessed as I claim to be with Mr. Hunnam, I would be more disappointed over him not playing Mr. Grey.  Except, I am not.


While I was fascinated at one point with Fifty, and I read all of them, and I will take it even further to say—I am going to see the movie.  I still am happy over it not starring Charlie because Charlie is my rugged, bad boy. 


With a British accent in real life.





There you have it.  My two cents.  


Who do you think they will cast now??

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